Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Exploder hitting doomskulls for damage will do that, happened to me again in GW today.


This can not be working as intended… more bugs that hurt us. In wars.



Getting double devoured in Delve by Kruarg the dread on the same turn on the same cascade… You can probably figure out what happened when he devoured Gorgotha and Divinia with only a Megavore and Weaver remaining… Been having rotten luck recently and that is icing on the cake

Oh and, don’t get me started on Night Hag transformation or the Bulette Lair which always happens to be the mandatory room and devours with less than 13 brown gems… I’m so tired of that Lair.


13 or more.


I had so many rings by now that I decided to play the gambling game and try to upgrade my hoard with only those.
Eight tries, 50% chance each time to upgrade.
How often did the upgrade trigger?
Zero times.
Not very bunny-friendly, I must say.:persevere:


Treasure upgrade RNG is brutal. Even at 90%.


I’ve seen it devour on 12 and once on 10. That was utter cheating. Oh and, while I remember it now, 15 brown gems on board with Bulette ability ready. Uses Gorgotha explosion… extra turn but 14 brown gems still on board and no matches to get rid of them. Uses Divinia explosion… 17 brown gems on board… guess what happened to Divinia?


You can see often that troops like khorvash or spirit fox can “create storms” to beat you…


@Sheba I feel your pain. I’ve tried 6 times with one success.


Would you rather be devoured by a pack of bunnies or Ubastet?
I’ve noticed that no Mythic units are used in Delves.
That can change.


My hoard quality has updated twice, once on 5% and once on 10%. It has also failed once on 85%. So both good shit and bad shit happens.


Ishbaala had full mana but was frozen and entangled. I had the perfect board ready to kill the first slot and fill her self back up but since the stupid nerf that made her lose her cleanse I had to wait until she naturally cleansed but of course before she did she already died and I lost the battle.


I’ve decided to leave whether I keep playing Gems of War up to RNG. I’m saving up my glory and gem keys until Halloween, if I don’t get a mythic, goodbye to the game

I got my first achievement on 11/11/15 (and the is no chance i’ll ever get the last one, so no point in trying), since then the game has seen many changes (most of which I dislike - the new kingdom leveling system is a “:game killer” for me). The RNG factor is just grating for me (and there are no official odds). Yes, I strongly disliked it when they added trait stones to chests. So what else annoys me…

  • Agility trait -missing 4 times in a row, again (with skulls). I think the devs are significantly misleading on odds… Yes I know those are “macro odds” and a single player is “micro odds”
  • Gems of Status Effects - .why I don’t like delves - status effect after status effect (especially dislike the entangle one)
  • Gem Sink - yes, most of the new “modes” are gem sinks. You can play a little without gems, but won’t get event troops, etc
  • Pet Gnomes, Ingots being locked behind PVP (which I dislike), Events being locked behind “guild walls”
  • Limited Guild Seals (if I have a guild of one and am crazy enough, I should be able to get 40K guild seals myself. I actually really dislike how much this game tries to force guilds (and the peer pressure that accompanies them). I don’t believe that Legendary Tasks should have ever existed (or it should have been 10+ million instead of 1 million)
  • Seemingly endless summons, etc. There is nothing better than seemingly beating a fight only to have a dragon rebirth (or the like). Also the fights that are extended because you have to fight 10+ summoned cards).
  • Massive nerfs to vault rewards: when they first added the vault, you could get something useful (like 100K gold, 20 gems keys, etc). The last vault event I was getting stuff like 100 souls (getting some better rewards from the treasure gnomes themselves). The only thing useful in the vault is orbs.
  • More that I can’t think of right now


The limit sucks for casual guilds but there has to be a limit. Guild seals are gem keys when you hit 40k chests so if you were allowed to get 40k seals a week on your own that’s 2000 gem keys a week for free.

Why do you think LT shouldn’t exist? You seem pretty anti guilds so I assume you’ve never had a LT before they are not even worth a million gold anymore even before the nerf they were never worth 10+ million gold.

20 gem keys is still in the drop pool I got that today

That was a reward from a normal treasure gnome

  • playing gems of war for almost 3 years and only having 5 mythic troops, 3 of which I crafted myself - after opening thousands of chests - event, gem, and glory

  • the layers upon layers of luck welded into the game - like delve: the rooms, the room multipliers, chest upgrades, collecting your rewards, using your chards, trying to increase your hoard quality … by the time I get to the last step I am usually flattened by disappointment

  • Doing 40 explore battles to farm for trait stones to get one arcane (that’s on average, sometimes it’s 75+ games)

  • casting Pharaoh Hound and having it barrier the same troop five times in a row (when it had 4 troops to choose from) … leading to me losing the bounty game, missing a valraven, and consequently falling short of getting the final stage of rewards - yeah, I could buy more sigils if I had a good stock of gems on hand which I don’t because of ,

  • event after event after event all requiring too much time and too many gems for what in hindsight always seems like not enough reward for all that effort

  • skull drops for the AI … so many skull drops! Today my Diviinia with 250+ life and full shield was skulled out of a PVP game in one turn by a troop with 50 attack (just one example of many where excessive AI skull drops changed the course of a match … and no, there was no skull storm active) … I wouldn’t mind so much if I got some skull drop love too, but getting more than one is a rare thing

  • that the game sucks me in so I take all this crap too seriously and get frustrated and disappointed far too often … is this game ever actually fun? (I know, I should stop playing, and I will, when they stop adding trophies) …

  • Trophies added to the game that appear to be all but impossible to get - maxing out reknown in a faction when it requires you to use a pure faction team where your troops will be out-leveled well before the required level 500 and you’ll be facing the exact same cards you’re playing with only the opposition cards will have ridiculously high stats … and the only way to level up yours is through adding treasure to increase your level, but getting the treasure relies on chards of which there are far too few in the game and when you use your chards you get mostly coin purses, gold rings, and repeats of troops you already have at mythic and you can’t use the coin purses to level up your hoard because they add very little to the levels and each level costs an ever increasing amount of gold to purchase and you only get 3 games a day to progress all this … yeah, great mode that one is, and a really fair trophy to add


To reiterate, these things:


Hey you earned it :slight_smile:


That spinning circle. Ugh.


Push retry button 40x and still no result


honestly, the devs creating more gold and gem sinks that we already had…AND “fixing” things that are not broken. despite the players