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Thief Class on Nintendo Switch?

Greetings. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience while playing but curious if the Thief Class will be available for the Switch? If it is available what do I need to do to unlock as I have completed all questline in Zaejin. It is not an unlockable nor selectable description in my class windows. Thanks in advance for your support.

You will probably unlock it in a special class event (3 days). It usually start at friday reset. They release a new class every month. Cross your fingers so the next one is thief

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There was a time warp and the Krystara that a Nintendo Switch can access is a window into about six months in the past. PC, Mobile, PS4, and XBO players get access to a lot of stuff you’ll get to experience one week at a time like we did last year.

On the one hand, it sounds bad. On the other hand, you get to buy Earth’s Fury this week and despite people begging for that on every other platform, it’s been impossible to implement!

There is no ETA for when (or if) Switch will ever catch up. You just sort of have to memorize what date was about six months ago and scroll the forums until you’re looking at that date I guess.

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Thanks for the explanation!