Thief 7% killchance double proc possible?

After i finished thief to lvl 100, several minutes ago i used skeleton key in a match, they killed the first and last enemy and instant died the second and third.

That was very nice! Anyone can confirm this?

Yes, I’ve had it happen a few times, including an Ubastet quad kill :laughing:

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I’ve had it happen to me lol. Damn Sunbird team.

That’s amazing. I hadn’t thought of that.

Of course, the odds of this happening are low: 0.49%. But that’s not implausible.


Thanks alot, i know this from other games like WoW but here i didn’t expected this!

The trait can aswell trigger itself, happened in a explore, the firebomb killed one enemy and 2 more died, leaving only first one alive.

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I’ve had a firebomb explode trigger rising shadows cascade resulting in a very fast win on thier turn before lol

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Oh i like this feature, 2 times today in 1h pvp :grinning:

It seems that suicide from firebombs can trigger the skill too.

3 bombs and a hero, and when the last bomb explode itself, the hero died.