There's still time to make Tihamata's 3rd trait useful

Tihamata is the upcoming mythic from the current campaign. We’re on week 2, so we have a ways to go.


Here are its traits:


For a mythic, and a dragon, its traits are super unimpressive. Consider that Huanglong and Ishtara, that last two mythic dragons released, both deal damage to all enemies, and Huanglong has 70% skull damage reduction, and Ishtara has 40%.

30% damage reduction is one of those “Well… this isn’t going in front” type of traits. In fact, you’d be better running Dragonguard class and sticking your hero in front, because you’d have 40%.

There’s another dragon with Tough Scales (30%): the legendary Great Wyrm, or the epic Lady Garnetia. But two other legendary dragons have 65% and 50%: Borealis and Krystenax. It’s just a wasted trait giving it 30%.

But more importantly, Absorb Spell is awful. Where’s the flavor? This mythic dragon has five heads. I believe it’s a reference to this:

This monster is based off the Dungeons & Dragons representation of a Mesopotamian goddess, Tiamat. Dungeons and Dragons depicts Tiamat as being a five-headed goddess of evil dragons, with each head colored one of the primary colors of chromatic dragons - blue, green, red, black, and white.

And the artwork certainly suggests that. Each head is a different element. Yet you wouldn’t know that from anything related to its design or ability:


This could have been the first troop to have more than three colors. Based on the artwork, I see red, green, blue, blue, and pink. Okay, well, an attempt was made.

Instead of Skull Damage Reduction, it should have Arcane Resistance (75% reduced damage from spells) or at the very least Spell Block (50%). Then its third trait should be something thematic like deal 5 damage to five random enemies when an enemy casts a spell. And why is its ability not creating one x4 wildcard for each color? Come on, missed opportunities here…


Anything more interesting and/or more useful than “gain 10 on enemy’s turn they’re not allowed to have”.

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10 life is a lot for new players

IP2 primarily cares about selling stuff to new players who are not familiar with the company’s philosophy and practices

Working as intended

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PS: also explains why they are ok with Weavergate, since the most affected players are unlikely to be their primary target monetisation audience


They’re basically catering to whoever is stupid enough to pay $50-100 in local currency to trait one mythic that should be left alone. Outstanding.

With the theme of five and elemental and the new Elementalist trait, Tihamata’s third trait could apply five status effects at the start of battle. Would that be too strong?