There still isn't enough to do

When I posted my previous thread “There isn’t enough to do”, I got back the usual assortment of Patrick Stewart memes, and basically nobody agreed with me. Now that the devs have revamped both challenges and explore mode, and in so doing have created a lot more to do, I feel compelled to revisit the original issue…

Once a player completes the main campaign, none of those battles can be replayed. Devs suggested once upon a time this would be made possible, just for the fun of it, but it hasn’t ever happened. To be thematically consistent with the other new kingdom battle systems, the main campaign should become replayable start to finish once all 34 kingdoms have been completed, with the second run at a mandated higher level of difficulty (i.e. “Warlord I” instead of “Normal”). There doesn’t even have to be any new rewards at the end, but of course something at least trivial, and specific to each kingdom, would be nice. It would also be nice to see achievements for completing the main campaign at difficulty levels A, B, C.

I’m only playing this game for progression now, the PvP and Guild Wars have become nonsensical. Please give us progression players better and more logical targets.

They already did… The medal system… You now have 700+ troops to “enhance”.


Ok so…

Every single day we have:

Adventure Board
3 Daily Dungeons
3 Daily Delves

In addition to this…

Every Tuesday we have 1-day delve event
Every Wednesday we have 1-day pet event
Every Thursday we have 1-day class event
Almost Every Weekend we have a 3-day new event

In addition to this…

Every week we have either GW/Raid/ToD/Invasion
Every week we have to climb to Tier 1 pvp

In addition to this…

One weekend a month we have a 3-day bounty event
One weekend a month we have a 3-day gnome hunt event

In addition to this…

We can do literally INFINITE:

Treasure Maps

In addition to all the above we have the challenges that have to be done at some point, and don’t forget random pet rescues that pop up. Did I miss anything? You must be joking saying there isn’t enough to do.


This thread should be changed to “there isn’t enough things I want to do”. You seriously can’t make a valid argument that there isn’t enough to do. Your suggestion isn’t bad by any means, although there is no reason I would personally want to go back and play the quests. Reworking and improving current events and areas such as pvp/arena/treasurehunt are more important in my opinion.


Is it opposite day? To actually keep up with this game and everything that there is to do, you have to play SEVERAL HOURS every day.


To be clear, OP sort of used the wrong title and wording for what they want.

It seems they’re mostly upset that the story elements of GoW are very muted. They’re relegated to kingdom quests, and you only get to do them once. They wish the quests could be repeated, and that there were more story elements tying the world together.

I feel like that ship sailed when they stopped writing the fun lore to go along with new troops. :confused:


I would settle for a Lore Gnome that drops a Lore Token that would allow me to unlock replay of a kingdom questline of my choice, with a roll for a kingdom troop drop at the end (chance at a Mythic), with a drop rate that scales to the difficulty level I choose. If that doesn’t sound realistic to people, how is that any less realistic than all the challenge and explore grinding that’s just been added in??

…except then there would also be a Lore Event every week, where you have limited access but a Lore Shop where you can buy more access. And you’d have to advance your Lore Level, but it uses a brand new currency that you’ll forever be low on.

There would also, of course, be a Lorederboard. The people who pay the most for extra access would be on top.


Actually dang I turned that excellent joke into a good thing.

I play a game that holds regular art contests and includes art from players as part of the game’s official art. It’s really cool.

What if, every month, the GoW devs posted a small bullet-point list of story points they’d like people to hit, then had a contest accepting one-page short story submissions? The submission the devs deemed best would be integrated as the lore for that troop.

That way, we get:

  • Community engagement.
  • Lore.
  • The devs don’t have to do anything but drink a {beverage} and hope people like me aren’t trying to make it come out of their nose.

“But legality…” is just a kind of knee-jerk thing. Get the lawyers 505 has on retainer to write a one-time set of paragraphs that indicates submission of an entry yields all rights to 505. This is fairly standard for content submission when the intent is republishing without compensation. There is a faction of people who complain, “This is just devaluing content creation by giving up free labor” but I am comfortable asserting there’s no way 505 is paying for this kind of content in the near or far future. It’d be nicer to have the content than not. The entrants are human beings and can make a decision on their own!

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