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There isn't enough to do

Once upon a time, a previous dev team talked about doing something like a New Game+ option, where a player could repeat all the PvE content for alternate rewards once all original content was complete. I have much stronger teams available now vs, when I first started to play, and I am looking for more challenge. It only takes about 12 hrs/day to get through all current daily/weekly/progression/rescue content, and I need the game to hold my attention every waking moment. Will we ever get this option?


I too would like additional content to enable me to play nearly every second of my day. Perhaps integration with a VR helmet to sense my REM eye movement would enable my resting moments to also trigger matches.

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I was just thinking about this too. I wonder what ever happened.

Maybe Raid Boss, Invasion, and Guild Wars should all be made weekly events, run concurrently? That will help! :grin:

Also devs, I’m sure you can release way more content if you just cut out some of the silly steps in the process like “QA/Beta Testing”… what is that anyway? Who needs it! :smirk: