There is a MAJOR bug going on and it's affecting/affected my guild war

Can the developers can view my feed on my profile on xbox PLEASE. I have two five minute videos of there being a difficulty for the guild wars. We are playing The Thieves Guild today. I also took a screenshot. I can’t upload the clips because they are way too long. The stats were high for Truxton like I was playing high difficulty in casual. I can upload a picture taken. My xbox gamertag is Mrs Affects. Can anyone else look at my feed and see what is going on? Is this how guild war scores are being so high sometimes?

I am going to broacast and my broadcasts save so they can be viewed again.

Something smells fishy :astonished: I’m on PS4 but no matter. That shouldn’t be there. It’s not on mine anyway. Sorry your having troubles.

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He is thieves paragon this week right?

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I don’t understand what is the bug?

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Famine got a 25% boost this week and everyone maxed sentinel

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The stats do look ok in the bottom image… try put the difficulty to max then take a pic :wink:


Wonder how she can get difficulty bar in GW and also wonder who the hell is beeji on the first picture? We don’t have him in our team

I hope he won couple fights for us lol

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I seen strat as opposition in GW but for the Soul Collectors guild. Has he moved or is there a glitch?

No idea he never been with us

He is in Alliance, @Strat

Probably a bug i don’t think he switched team

There could be 2 bugs. The first is that the difficulty option is showing… but it seems you didn’t alter them as the stats are reasonable in the bottom image.

The second bug is that it appears you get matched up with players who are not even in the opposition guild.

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Here are some pictures for you. I put it on max level and yes this is the beginning of the match.

Sorry they are sideways. I don’t know how to flip them for the forum.

The bug is there is a difficulty setting in guild wars. Also I was playing a person who was not in your guild as well.


Anyone on console is welcome to look at the pinned video on my profile on xbox one. Gamertag Mrs Affects I also shared it in both Gems of War clubs. I have two videos in my feed of this. How do I tag the developer who plays on console so they can view it. Video to large for the forum?