TheElementals Looking to merge/join a bigger guild

5 of us are looking to move to a bigger guild or merge with another around the same kind of level as us.
This is our guild info,

Guild wars bracket 19 (currently 182)
Guild rank 702
Guild level 68
5 players level 484, 458, 292, 113 and 90

We have only been playing for around 6 months, but we do play every day

Thanks for reading.



Hello Carlos86,

I am one of the leaders in Connect 4, we currently have 7-8 people although we are a lower rank and guild level (possibly due to being newer), if you are interested. We would be happy to merge together. This will put us on the rise to becoming a top guild in the future. It will allows us to hit around the 20k seals mark. If you would like to merge, please let me know. With the merge, I believe it will make it easier for us to grow as a guild together.

As part of the guild merge we can definitely make sure you are one of the leaders and have equal input to everything we do.

We are active everyday, complete guild wars every week, several of us contribute around 100-200k+ per week, 1500 seals, and 200+ trophies. We have no requirements for the guild currently but in the future maybe this might change depending on the route everyone wishes to take.

We are a friendly guild that hopes to help new and experienced players become better at the game and more involved with the community. Please let me know your thoughts.



Hey Carlos86!

Just sent you a message! Let me know if you’re interested!


Now that a second person has piled on, let me say that most of the former Elementals joined Crimson Sky last week so there is no need to bother Carlos anymore.

Ok! Thanks for the update!

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Hi guys,
Thank you for your replies, At this point in time a majority of us have joined another guild. Thanks Stan :wink:

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I have a guild ranked at 150 now. We need to get some more daily players and I think we have a really good chance. We have 10 to 12 daily players and 8 to 10 not so daily players. I would like to see if your group is interested in joining our guild. It is the guild of Argent Dragons.