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The Week of Stacking Bonuses

So apparently the Week of Giant and Week of Elemental bonuses can stack together. Ho ho ho.


Am I missing something? Why would they not stack together? The previous weeks worked liked this as well (e.g. Orion was 2x last week for Fey and Divinion Fields).

Fine… then I guess I’m just too slow to notice …

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Well it’s totally understandable if you (like seemingly many folks) don’t swap teams many times weekly. I’m kind of a spaz tbh so I spend a lot of time mixing things up.

Didn’t mean to imply that you should have noticed; I was afraid I may have overlooked something :slight_smile:


Setting the Hero to Warlord Class, and Giant Perk seems to gain the 25% too.

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This will be the Week of Jarl in defend teams I predict :wink: