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The way earnings are

Hello, just a little rant about the way earnings are earned in the game.

It is clear to me that earnings are determined by two factors : your best team value and the value of the opponent team. The higher you go in team value the less you will gain of an opponent not growing. Meaning the more you grow, the harder it is to get the same amount of gold, just because you have to perform in harder battles versus higher teams.

So basically, the more you play, the harder it is to earn gold… What the f…?

So i was wondering why earnings are not just dependant of the opponent team value ? I mean it seem logical to me that higher teams brings you more money, and not just because there is a 1500-2000pts differences between your deck and the opponent deck…

Make it so you are not punished for upgrading your team please.

Thanks for reading me.

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If it was purely dependent on the opposing team then it would result in the rich getting richer while the poor stay poor.

Low leveled players aren’t capable of taking down the big bad defenses consistently which would net them the most gold and therefore would have to fight lower rated teams. Whereas higher leveled players can take on better rated teams for more gold.

Curious as to what level you are though and the gold offered to you for the battles?

I’m level 460 and I get between 700 - 1900 before bonus’.

I sympathise with the complaint, but it’s not unusual for games to give diminishing rewards as you grow stronger than the enemy: you have to beat stronger enemies to maintain a similar level of reward… and in the end-game it stabilises at about 60-70% of what you earned when lower level…

I am level 1100ish, and most pvp opponents earn me about 800-900 gold, or sometimes around 1100 for top end players with meta defences. I used to regularly see 1500 gold per match. I am also playing on console (at far lower level, around 100) and can earn 2000 base gold for a hard pvp match (in the very unlikely event that I can win it).

It’s been challenged before, and devs’ view is that weaker players get rewarded more for winning ‘harder’ matches…

Also, mind your language please - note the forum guidelines http://community.gemsofwar.com/faq - kids (including mine) are reading this.

Yeah, it sucks how little gold I get per match now. Pretty much any match, no matter how easy or hard gives me ~900 gold before bonus.

The formulas may make it seem like this at first glace, but in practice, it is far from it.

Having gone through the early game kingdom leveling myself (and in progress on a low level test account) and having a friend who just got through leveling his kingdoms, I can safely say you are more likely to accelerate in your overall gold gains per unit time as you finish more kingdoms. Part of this could be the respective mastery bonuses they give, though, as a huge part of having fast battles is having at least 50% surge chance in every color. Keep in mind that although your payout for fighting a certain score team (those deemed at or above your relative strength) generally goes down as you get more bonuses (as they are no longer deemed at or above your relative strength), your minimum also goes up, and as long as there are stronger opponents to fight, the average strength of your opponent you are offered also goes up, so your average gold per battle should be increasing, and your average time per battle should be decreasing. With every possible bonus unlocked, your minimum and average payout per match are almost one in the same, but even the hardest matches are generally much faster, and, if you were so inclined, you can just farm the easy option repeatedly for even faster gold gains.

I’m level 160, i have a team value of 5400 and fight team value up to ~7000, earning between 1200 - 4500 gold per battle after bonus.

To earn real gold, i still have to fight teams with 1500-2000pts above me, and it gets really hard at the 7000 cap honnestly…

Edit : Maybe a solution would be to base the earnings on your current deck value instead of your best one…

Wait - you get 1200-4500 gold per battle after bonus and you’re complaining? That’s a perfectly reasonable amount to be receiving. I’m level 1108 and I earn similar rewards per battle, and since the most recent updates have never seen it above 4500. Maybe you’re expecting too much at this point.

Well most of the time i get around 1200-1500, 4000+ is my exceptionnal top…