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The warrens grind nightmare

So here we are with one of the most mind numbing factions there is. Minimum 5 fights. I am at 270 now and already jaded. On the plus I have a team you may like if like me you intend to go the distance.
MC (using barbarian 70)
Queen B
Hive banner.
Spins like a bitch although MC duststorm can slow stuff because it overwrite barbarian leaf. If you get rearranged spin Sycorax to boost life until QB completes the job when team is back to normal. Faster than it looks
Avoid tidal rooms for as long as you can

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I used Arboreal Crystal instead of Mountain Crusher. The team has worked well enough for me on floor 20!

I like AC and use it with this team elsewhere. And it means you can fire Sycorax on blue and you’re sweet to take damage but I don’t use it here because QB is the only killer. Dont want to block her on blue

I find myself firing Sycorax on green rather than blue.

Edit: I also have Sycorax in slot 2 and Beetrix below. Sycorax fills himself (herself? itself?) first, so that the spell is ready to go ASAP.

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Thanks I will try it . I used to use ketras but this is a time for speed and it’s cool

I have forgotten what jaded is right now. This faction is obscene

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I try to help when I can. I truly hated that faction. Sometimes I’ll do a few runs to 60 so I can get a Vault Key, but, I just don’t want to do that today.

Here is part of a conversation from the main delve thread. Some players used Luna x3 and a bunny, but it was my experience that Lapina Knight gave too many debuffs, so Bunnicorn carried me. Delves: Strategies, tactics and tips

Also, if you’ve never played World of Tanks, I find it a stress reliever to blow up 5 year olds in their Tier II tanks. I assume they are 5 year olds. All the try hards play Tier X. 5 year olds don’t have time to grind Tier X tanks, because they cruise around getting blown up by me in their Tier II. gl hf

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The good news is they block folks over a weekend

I’m just laughing that this one wasn’t flagged but the comment after was lol. Idk if salty is flagging or someone else (usually it’s someone else) but I understand your frustration with this run. I would never recommend tuesday pure faction runs to anyone, but if you are going for it, I commend your effort and wish you the best of luck!

I know that I’ll eventually have to do a tuesday run for the impossible delves (Lyrazra’s, City of Thieves, Frostfire) unless something changes that allows us to start from where we’re currently at (please devs, this would be the best change).

In the meantime, I buy 1 tier on tuesday, go until it’s done (usually around 100) and call it a day. I know people grind tuesdays but it seems ridiculous to me. And the people that do it, you are chosing to put yourself through it. Just like those who get first on pvp, it’s your time and mental health - do with it what you will.

Hope anyone that’s attempting this has a chance to rest and relax after this.


totally agree with you, but i doubt devs will let us continue where we left off

i hope devs will one day have old-faction-weekends like once a month so i can catch up with the 12 factions i have not done the pure faction run

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I’m just here for the bot bumps.

:joy::joy:omg that’s too funny.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I understand some pure faction runs are very difficult/impossible without potions, so I understand the need/draw. But what I’m curious about is if people genuinely do tuesday factions for the leaderboards.

It wouldn’t be the worst to do for gem cost. (pricey on time though, so less time the person leading would have to defend if no one else is chasing)


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