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The Unforgiven

We can accommodate players of any level… lots of movement within our guilds

For mid game & beginners, our veteran players pop in to make sure that all our guilds get the resources they need and help to closeout events… our guild statues are all maxed so you have the benefits of stats and help and support.

Our top guild gets to LTs within 12hrs of reset and all our guilds is pet hour every hour for vault weekends and our discord is VERY active, we have cookies and an open bar (bring your sense of humor)

Come check us out and we’ll welcome you with open arms


Bumping this thread to let people know we have some spots in U3 for this upcoming War — if you want to help them win their Bracket (or are interested in any spot within the family), reach out! :grin:

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Bumping the thread to let folks know we have over a half dozen spots as people retire — we have two Bracket 1 guilds, one Bracket 2, and a fourth also in the top 10 Brackets (can’t recall which).

We make sure our people get as many resources as possible, including finished events and tasks — please join us if you want to be part of one of the most successful and competitive guild families on Xbox! :smiley:

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That 4th guild was in B4 last wars I believe. 2 B1 guilds and one that will be in B2 for the first time. Wish them Luck :grinning:


Bump, bump, bumping this thread to let peeps know we have spots available. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’re able to accommodate all player levels and all levels of playing. We’re one of the most successful and competitive guild families on Xbox; and we make sure our members get as many resources as possible. :gem::moneybag:

Super active discord with friendly and helpful people!

Did I mention we have a bunny, a hamster, a dino, and buddy the elf??? Yeee it’s awesome so come say “Hi!” :rabbit: :hamster: :t_rex: :christmas_tree:


No one can seem to control that dang hamster. :joy:

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Bumping this thread to let folks know we’ve got two spots in The Unforgiven’s top guild next week — we’re always in the running for the top few placements in Wars Bracket 1, so if you want a shot at a pile of gems next week let us know! :grin:

There are spots open in multiple guilds. Let us know if you are interested in joining top guild on Xbox. Beginners, end gamers and top notch guild war vets are all welcome.

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