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The Unforgiven III - A New Guild For New Eager Players To Learn

The Unforgiven III guild was recently created to help eager new players learn the ropes - it also provides our veteran players a place to rest when necessary.

There are many spaces available, and there are no minimums specified, meaning we are looking for sociable/chatty enthusiastic people that are trying to progress.

The Unforgiven III also provides a stepping stone to the Rank 10 Unforgiven II!

If interested please contact here or the Gamertag HeidiGOW!

If you are level 100 and cannot get your foot in the door to a top guild this might be perfect for you…

Still early days here but we are looking for new players to the game that are eager to progress.

Time to get this guild moving - open to new and interested players! Contact here or gt HEIDIGOW.

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The guild is gathering pace now and is looking for players of all levels. Being a member here allows for easier promotion to one of our competitive guilds!

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Hi, I am interested in joining. My current guild is no longer active. How would I go about joining? Do I need to leave my current before joining another?

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The search for keen players continues. All Levels are welcome!