The Unforgiven Family is growing again!

No matter what level you are at, The Unforgiven Family has a guild for you! We currently have four guilds on Xbox with plans to expand to the Nintendo Switch when it is released.

We have an extensive discord and plenty of veteran, knowledgeable players! Our main guild does 60 to 100 LTs a week and is soon to be the #1 guild on Xbox!

If you want a guild to grow with, alongside great, helpful people, you’ve found it! Let me know if you’re interested! My GT is the same name!

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Unforgiven Gemtendo is the Switch guild.

I can’t help but think of sega gemesis now.


You’re better than that… Nintendo Gemboy…or Sega Gemgear… Or my personal favorite, the Sega Gemcast.

I spoke too soon…GoW isn’t even available in Japan (as far as I know) but if there was a guild from Japan… Then definitely the Nintendo Gemicon.

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To be back on topic, good luck on the Nintendomination on the switch.


Hey, I’d be interested in joining on Xbox. I tried messaging you via Xbox but couldn’t get it through for some reason. I’m a returning player on a new account so I’m not really set up to contribute much atm but will be able to do so soon. My Xbox GT is Ace Phoenyx ii