The Unforgiven are recruiting!

There’s 4 spots available in U3 and U4 at present folks. We’re a friendly bunch and it’s open to newcomers as well as seasoned folks. Come join the Unforgiven family if you’re looking for somewhere relaxed.

Our requirements are:


Gold: 750k

Trophies: 0

Seals: 0

Events and guild wars are optional.



All events are required, must use all free sigils - absolutely no zeros in any events.

Guild Wars

All battles must be played

For those that haven’t unlocked all kingdoms and got them to level 10, we’ll waive the gold requirement. All we ask is you do your best, and take part in all events (Guild Wars, World Event etc).

Our Discord:

We also have other guilds in the Unforgiven family, for those looking for more of a challenge. Come join us and we’ll find somewhere that best suits your playing style.