The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


Definitely excited.

Who said the submission a week ago was the second and not the third? Keep your trousers on.


The Developers.


No mention of whether it was second or third. You decided to assume it was the second and found it necessary to make an issue out of it… when it doesn’t make the slightest difference either way.

Hopefully it gets approved soon and the Mythics start coming.


Please keep things civil I would hate to see this thread closed down. It is a great wealth of information.


When your wrong its usually best to just let it go.

I was just correcting inaccuracies in your post. Your free at any time to use the search button in the top right, then you can read the actual posts from the developers yourself.


We will probably get the SECOND answer this friday, this is my prediction


If that ever did happen, I would just start another one, at least until we are caught up on troops. Once that update goes through, it should hopefully be just a few more weeks!


Am I correct in that if the update doesn’t get approved this week they would likely do a recycled event or offer some troops for glory that they didn’t initially?


No one knows for sure but the devs, but that’s what I’m thinking. The thing that would make the most sense to me would be to run a Karakoth event with Dark Troll and Void Portal available for Glory. Those troops went straight into chests a few weeks ago and some people haven’t managed to pull them. If it went another week after that, nothing obvious jumps to mind, but let’s just hope it doesn’t get that far.


Personally Im hoping for approval today or tomorrow. I have keys itching to be opened to get a new mythic. Almost a 1,000 gem key to be be exact, lol.


Nice. I don’t have that many gem keys, but I’ve got 20,000 gems. I’ll probably burn the last of my pre-guild-update glory key stash, as well. Hopefully, Pharos is the first to be offered up. Ketras and Stonehammer don’t look that exciting to me…


Hey everyone, just popping in with a quick update. We’ve gotten approval for the update from both Sony and Microsoft! We’re currently just sorting out the details of an appropriate time to release. :slight_smile:

Request - - Status Update for Consoles Regarding 3.0

Awesome news!! I hope it’s today?



Haha, unfortunately not quite that soon. We had hoped to get today originally, but Microsoft couldn’t fit us in. :frowning: We should have a date within a day though (It’s slow working opposite hours with the publisher).


You are correct Stan about the bull and dwarf. Certainly not worth the arcane stones. Wish I didn’t trait mine as they are terrible tbh.


The joys of living in Aus eh? :smiley: (I’ve had a number of cases of working with people in the US or EU… slow going at times due to time difference)


No prob @Alpheon thanks for the infos!!!


Any chance we can expect a new mythic by the end of the week? Perhaps Pharos Ra?


I can’t say for sure when the mythic will be as troop releases are out of my hands. However last I heard Pharos should be the next mythic as they’re long overdue, but they require the update to be live as there was a bug with its spell.

@Ozball Yup XD Along with our amazingly fast and reliable internet.