The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


You guys should start seeing some more Mythic exclusive weeks after the Guild Wars Update (currently all the mythics are waiting on the update to fix or update them to the Pc/ Mobile version). Again I can’t give an exact timeline but there will be breaks between mythic releases (so you don’t have to worry that you’ll just get one week after another of mythic exclusive weeks).

As for the Horsemen, I can’t say for sure. I’m seeing if we can try to do so after you’ve caught up mythic-wise to see if we can slot it in.


Could PC get another exclusive week for the Horsemen for people that weren’t playing or just missed out?


Pick a number, console need update first :slight_smile:


Lol, if they were to do that then when would it stop @Maxx


It wouldn’t affect Consoles all they would have to do is remove all mythics except one Horseman for chests it should only take a minute to do.

When there is a way to target Horsemen.


There actually is a way to target them but its not Horsemen exclusive. Requires money to do so and no guarantee that you will get one your after.
Yep more RNG I’m afraid :smirk:
I bought 3 and didn’t get a single one I was after. It’s not ideal but the option is there for the Gotta Have It All collectors like myself.

I would like nothing more then a crafting system to target a copy of Gards Avatar for one of my PC accounts so I understand where your coming from. I really don’t think it will work like that though and I expect more RNG to be involved if a system is ever created.

I wish you luck @Maxx and hope RNG smiles on you soon during a nonexclusive week. Best of luck




Are you hinting that the “something” that will be craftable could possibly be troops Nim? :wink: :smiley:



Can’t we please have event keys back with glory purchases? Or alternatively offer the same troops for say 50/100 less glory depending on the rarity and offering the 10 gold keys 2 glory keys with 3 runics instead? We could them chose to get a troop with an arcane and event keys or runics and gold/glory keys.


So let’s start the speculation, they sended the update friday so my guess is if everything is fine May 5th sound like a good day to get approval :slight_smile:


Wonder what it will cost to craft a mythic card, probably 1M souls and something else lol


@Rickygervais I’ve mentioned it before they may include something as common and plentiful as souls as ONE of the minor components in crafting. Including it makes sense from a gameworld perspective. But I would think for a Mythic it must also include A MASSIVE amount of Gems. AND something new too.

They are not going to entirely take away the chase for that troop endgamers are after. I’m also sure if you can craft Mythics the cost WILL absolutely be significantly greater than what you can obtain a Mythic for under “normal” RNG.

For now well just have to wait… (unless Hogan from Stalag 13 can pull a fast one on Sargent Schultz;)


I think I said this another thread…

The whole initial conversation with Sirrian about the idea of a crafting system happened in a thread about the inability to target specific mythics.

I have to believe that troops are going to be a big part of the crafting system, even if they’re not cheap.


@Stan do you think Freaky Faeries could be next event?


If you’re making me guess, I’d say Bogstein Strangler.


I prefer this, im not ready for another mana drain yet lol


@Nimhain @Saltypatra

So now that Consoles are approaching the promise land of “all caught up” does everyone over there feel they have a better handle on the Microsoft/Sony approval process to do simultaneous releases for future updates on all platforms (PC/Mobile/Console) starting around this Summer?

Like to hear if your team thinks this is possible in the near future.



I remember sirrian said we will always be a little bit late from pc


I think he said that for updates, but not for troops. This is why they have been getting the next several months of troops ready ahead of time so that they have a game plan and can release on console and PC at the same time, since presumably the troops will have been added into the last console patch ahead of time.