The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


Not to mention for a newer player, the Knight that is summoned is random including ones you don’t have. So you can summon War as the replacement troop which as a new player would be far more likely to better than whatever you killed off.


Well only reason i could think to use her is during knight event 4x princess with full mana start then summon knight but still shit imo


She’s great for a Bombot/Mechanist explore team since she’s empowered. Cast on a mono brown troop, fill bombot, and usually win without AI getting a turn.


Yeah maybe for explore i agree but no use in pvp

Didin’t play arena for a while and i don’t think i will do it again, same for explore unless the weekly event ask me to do it :slight_smile:


Not every troop in the game can be Bone Dragon. :smiley:


Elspeth is Epic which doesn’t usually show up in Arena? or does console Arena function differently?


Original post updated for release of Jotnar Stormshield on console and various 3.0 troops on PC/Mobile. I think the six Guild War troops are not actually available to be collected yet, but they are loose on Ashtender and it is easier to just list them all now then try to reconcile when each one is actually available through Guild Wars. If anyone with a better understanding of their release wants to correct me on that, please do…


Nim also said spring imp should be in chest after reset


Anyone know if they going to fix barrier soon? Cause bone dragon still can one shot kill someone with barrier , this make jotnar completely useless

Imo it should be like entangle and only deal 1 damage even when board is full of skulls


Got there in the end, @death!


Congrats, but how many millions of gold did you need to spend on gold keys to get the common up to mythic? Not worth it IMO.


I had about 5,500 gold keys saved up, used 2.5k glory keys and spent over 2 million. Very lucky a few times, especially with the initial gold keys, but I wanted the extra magic and have basically got nothing else to do in the game right now.


This is how you use Princess Elspeth, as posted by @jmjeong


I’ve had that video bookmarked for weeks waiting for Silverglade to be released. This team is awesome for traitstone farming.


To be honest it’s not that much of an improvement over deep borrer, bombot, bombot, black manacles. In fact, once in a blue moon Elspeth misses on a gem match and the match actually takes longer than just making a single brown match. That being said overall based on there 1) being good odds the AI doesn’t even get a turn and 2) sometimes there’s not even a single brown match available on turn 1, which Elspeth can hopefully address it’s overall better.


Depending on the board and opponent, I might just take a single brown match rather than cast Elspeth. I liked the @jmjeong video because it showed about 5 slightly different approaches that all resulted in a quick win (Elspeth for extra turn a couple times, just take an available 4-match and cast bombot, etc.) Just automatically casting Elspeth as the first thing isn’t always the right move (but you obviously know that).


I saw @Nimhain said spring imp should be avalaible tomorow after reset.

It will be in glory bundle or in the glory and gems chests?


Glory and Gem Chests. But most likely you guys will get it in a glory bundle


Still no word on tommarows event ?


@Xdarkknightx09, Still a bit too early for that, will probably be in about 3 hours time.