The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

That is in terms of patches and updates, I am talking about the weekly events and troop releases. :slight_smile:


So, you are saying that console and pc/mobile will soon be on the same weekly event schedule?

That is what we are working towards.


Now is the time to ask my complicated question.

There is a difference between data and executable code. Sirrian sort of mentioned an effort to extrapolate things to data rather than requiring executable code.
I drink a lot so I’m not always as clear as I should be, and I’m not sure of your background so I don’t know what you might miss assuming a non-programming background.

The next (or the following) console update will require the inclusion of unreleased PC troops.

This should be possible; I once squeezed cheese out of a turnip.

The team is investigating if it’s possible for the console version to download troop data like the PC/ Mobile version, making it easier for us to get new troops and troop changes to consoles without requiring a client update. I don’t have anymore information, other than we’re looking into it but can’t make any promises that it will happen.

We’re working hard to make sure the next client update for consoles should finally bring us to the point that Weekly events should sync up, and hopefully kingdom releases will sync up (kingdoms take a little longer to develope so can’t be 100% sure). Mythic sync up may take a little longer as consoles are down a couple of mythics, and many like Pharos-Ra need the next update so they can be released.


Thanks - is there a rough ETA on the release date for the next console update?

No ETAs yet.


Just to expand on this, (I’m assuming this is the question?) - basically, there are requirements by almost all platform holders (especially Microsoft, Sony and Apple) that games are allowed to have external sources (like servers) provide data to your game at any point in time, but not executable code.

In the simplest of terms -
Data is anything that can be downloaded by the game and abide by the rules of the current version of the game.
Executable code is something which changes the rules (and functionality) of the game without having to provide a new version of the game.

Although inserting Executable code into the game sounds great (as then we could fix bugs or add new content like spells) without needing to push out a new version of the game, it can also be used for evil. This is where cheats, viruses, and other nasty bugs could be inserted into the game at a later date which could be used to break your game, OS or hardware, or steal/data mine personal information.



That’s the “wrong” question, the “right” question is how many days after Guild Wars is released on PC will we be getting it on console?


Good Grief. For 18 months I’ve been under the mistaken notion that this was ALREADY how it worked on console, hence the reason for the slow load screen. I thought that when the game loaded it verified the client Troop data (and other things) against a server looking for any minor differences.

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I think they can alter stats and mana costs on consoles, as well as swap traits around.

If there plan works, they’ll be able to create new traits or spells for new troops based on existing trait or spell mechanics.

A new mechanic like entangle would require a patch, but once the mechanic is coded, a spell like entangle target enemy and move to front spot wouldn’t.

It’s not an easy project and requires altering a lot of code that already works. But it’ll speed up development, adding new content, easy fixing of some bugs / balance issues.

I hope guild war is coming soon lol 1M useless souls

How would guild wars help you use up your extra souls?


Some bonus cost souls i think

Edit: nevermind only glory and gems, i guess im stuck with these souls lol

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Glory, gold, souls are used first two levels. Last 3 gems

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Thanks look like im not so crazy then i thought i readed it but was not sure :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand Princess Elp, her magic say “create 11 gems of an ally color then kill him, summon random knight”

so you refill your troop then you kill him?
That make no sense

Presumably you’re filling up a different troop higher in the order with the mana and not the same one you kill.

Off the cuff, two ways to use Princess E.

  1. Useless mono color troop sacrifice to speed fill another troop (kill brown to fill BomBot)
  2. Sacrifice an extremely wounded troop to summon a “fresh one.”

EDIT: 3. Arena

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