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The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

I don’t care, i will just presume it’s your fault :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t directed at you, Stan. It just sounds so sketchy, we were supposed to sync up by the new year, now it’s at a crawl. So frustrating! I wouldn’t have spent $ on a console account had I known this was possible. If I could convert my account to PC/mobile I would, but I assume I am stuck.


Yeah, I get it. I’m frustrated too, but I really do feel like the end is in sight now. I think we can be caught up, for real, in two months. That’s still 2 months later than they originally planned, but they’re making progress.

And there’s no way to transfer accounts from one platform to another, even if we were totally caught up.

The fact is we will never be 100% sync unless they hold update on pc and submit to console and then, when sony and microsoft both accept the first submission (something i really doubt) and then launch update on every device

But im not sure the pc/mobile guys will agree to slow down the update progress because of console

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I do think that’s what they are aiming for. If they don’t go all the way, then there was no point in doing this whole thing anyway. I’m sure what they want is to have one game, with one event that is the same for everyone every week.

It will definitely mean that the pace of new content will slow, but I think that’s part of why they switched to one troop per week on PC/Mobile - to give them a longer window between updates.


I should probably wait at least until Sunday’s event announcement to see what a second ‘post holiday catch up week’ looks like, but your comment reminded me of a bit of a blow-up a few months ago when Mr. Strange tried to reassure us that even if it felt like we weren’t catching up, we were. The funny thing is, things are unfolding exactly as he suggested they would 4 months ago:

By his analogy, PC/Mobile has now ‘stepped off the moving walkway’ by dropping to one troop per week, while we will be racing along at 3-4 troops per week. I was rolling my eyes as much as anyone at the time, and I know the endpoint has been pushed back later than was originally planned, but to me, it really does look like things are coming together.

Now that we seem to be past the Sony/Microsoft delays, I like the pace that we seem to be moving (1 mythic per 2-3 weeks, 1 kingdom per month, 3ish troops per week).


Aw. I feel the love so strongly!

Unrelated, but fun facts - here in Eugene we had a couple of really severe ice storms / snowfalls that have intermittently shut the city down for nearly 3 weeks. Plus I got 2 bad stomach bugs concurrently that I’m only now (knock on wood) recovering from.

Which is to say, that had I been responsible for anything getting done on GoW for most of December, you’d have very little to show for it. My fault for living in winter and continuing to have contact with other humans, I suppose. :wink:


Exactly!!! Shame on you @Mr.Strange :slight_smile:

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Heh, small world. I also live in Eugene. Just got over being sick myself! Thats what I get for leaving the house instead of grinding Gems

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You should look me up, and we’ll show you around Pipeworks!


Brb moving to eugene aswell.

I’m also in Eugene…

I know your co-worker Zac :smiley:

All these people in Eugene. Did you even buy him dinner?

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This week? :slight_smile:


Maybe you will prefer

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Doubt this week bro. Maybe Gard though

Damn i was ready i got the costume and parrot and rum :slight_smile:


I’m guessing Sword 's Edge.

But I love the enthusiasm!

I miss the good old days, when @death was telling us what was the next troop to go out and i had to wait another 12h to finaly see it :slight_smile:

I am guessing Pan’s Vale… just to be proved wrong again lol

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