The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 2 (Current Event: Stormheim)

So Draakulus is now avalaible? Anyone catched him yet?

I did :slight_smile:

Lucky you no luck for me yet :slight_smile:

I got him in Glory chests! Finally I have a Mythic!!!

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So Now that TaliaParks is banned (click on his profile, banned until 2044), does someone want to create a new thread and take this over? It’s getting more and more outdated…

I would let the devs handle this, cause it is kinda redundant to have an official thread and unofficial thread for the same event on consoles.

The official threads don’t keep track of all the stuff PC has that hasn’t yet been released on console, which was the original intended purpose behind this thread.

I see, that would make it less redundant.

Good question. If you feel like you can do it fire on I’d say.

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In theory, this thread will be entirety out of date once the get the consoles caught up to PC/mobile in a few more months.


That’s true, it may not be worth bothering, although that could be delayed longer than that for all we know.

I wondered about this myself, but given how quickly we’re catching up, i’m not really worried about it. I’d follow the thread if someone started one though.

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It seems like an easy job. Just copy and paste the format above, users can keep the OP alerted to changes.

Looking at the releases it seems like there hasn’t been any catching up since that random motherload drop at the start.

Then by all means, go for it.

We’ve been getting a new kingdom every month, while PC gets one every two months, plus more troops every week. We’ll have the guild update within the next week or two, and I suspect they’ll drop a few additional troops with that as well.

Finaly got Draakulis, he is not bad but not good enough to use him in pvp mode

Yeah he is strong and got stone skin and win +8 health on skulls damage but if you fight against korvash or manticore, it will be really hard to compete against them since they can remove your traits, also watch out maw he will probably find you really tasty with all this health you took from them :slight_smile:

So i tried different combo and this one was the best i could find

Draakullis ***
Korvash ***
Valkyrie ***

Yellow/yellow flag

He was old bat, back when old bat was a little too strong for a legendary.

I wont be active enough on the forum for that.

The total no. of missing troops has not been decreasing since the big drop though.

Take out the guild guardians and Dragon’s claw, and the list is getting pretty short.

we’ll get another big troop release when we get the new patch. there aren’t a lot of unreleased troops in the current patch level.

Add in the pirate kingdom and the list of missing troops right now has likely increased by 5 since the mega drop.