The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 2 (Current Event: Stormheim)

Topic edited to indicate current event kingdom.

Was great to have naga queen in the cards, almost made her legendary already lacking 1 card on her atm… was making a team with her so yeah. :smiley:

Why hasn’t this event got its own thread?

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You are not the first to ask that. I’m not sure why @Sirrian did not make a post in the official news. I feel like console players are treated as second class.

Considering when they came into the game, i think you are right. Either that or he forgot to hit send or something, @Nimhain can you kick @Sirrian into shape for us? Also they might have felt it was unnecessary considering this topic is the unofficial and is basicly the work they would do.

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Hi @Athrillskr… you’re actually the first person to ping me about this.

Normally when we make a blog post, it auto-publishes to the forums in “Official News”.
I was quite surprised when I read your post, as I’d assumed that War in the North had posted here okay, since nobody told me otherwise! (oops)
I went back and checked, and for whatever reason, it looks like it failed to post here in as it should (no idea why, but we’ll investigate).

We’ve been making sure all console events get their own blog and twitter/facebook posts since we took over console development a little while back, so I apologize for this mix up, and lack of forum post.

I can guarantee that you guys WILL NOT feel like second class citizens when the next update comes out, as you’ll get a couple of toys that the PC/Mobile crowd don’t have yet (including AI that can be customized a little for defense).


Well don’t you stop there :slight_smile:
Are we going to get it too?

Of course! :slight_smile:
But I don’t have an exact ETA on that to share yet, sorry.

BTW - I went to the blog and pushed out the forum post for CONSOLE: War in the North. Everything worked fine, and it posted this time. So, better late than never I guess! CONSOLE: War in the North



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@Sirrian Wow, can wait to try it! This might even help with team variety. Many troops are a big no no on Defense solely because of the way the AI handles them.

@PowerPlay “Soon”
Sirrian loosely stated in another thread we should have the update mid to late November.

Yeah. Soon. We don’t know exactly when.

This is not true sirrian i pinged you in the pc thread about this

I call some serious shenanigans! Pc has had this request for a while. What else will you tell us? Traitstone crafting on console too? A butfore? Will you give them a butfore too?

Omg i finaly got death!!!

Only need war now

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Sounds like you need a rebellion to start off getting that war started. (bad joke i know but i was compelled to do it.)

It’s ok last time you did a joke it helped me catch death lol

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I’ve also got a strong suspicion Draakulis will be here on Friday. Either way, I’ve got 30k gems and 25k keys stashed up for future mythics.

Please @Sirrian tell me we going to get a replay feature also, to see if AI does what we expect?

This is the only feature i been waiting for so long and it would be awesome to have it


i am really excited about this, can’t wait to see how it gonna work and i wonder how far in the customisation we will be able to go.

As example gorghota always keep casting even when all the troops are full

So are we going to be able to make him cast only when no more move is avalaible?

Or priority to some magic first? Or collect specific color first if no more 4+ combo
There is so many things i would like to be able to do

What do you mean by “replay feature”