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The Troop Wishlist Thread

Do you have any troop wishes for the future? Ideas for future troops, or reworks on already existed troops? Genuine spell or traits ideas for a troop? Feel free to share it in this thread.

I will start it off: I really would like to see an inexpensive 10-12 mana cost Green/Yellow exploder.


Mythic Rogue/Human from Blackhawk. Pirate design. Merchant/Greed, Impervious, Cleanse all Rogues at the beginning of the turn. Its spell heals and gives Rogues armour boosted by the amount of gold collected and Rogue troops.

More Empowered transformers a la Mercy. As long as we’re stuck with her.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mercy. I just like … completeness. Yellow being the only color you can guarantee on turn one is wrong to me.


You’re in luck! You can even make him fast with another troop! He even explodes all red gems if there are 13 or more, so you can’t even counter him with Web! /s

In all seriousness, though, more heavy hitters that rely on board state to maximize their effectiveness or chain into other spells. Yao Guai is the strongest troop nobody ever talks about… hes actually ludicrously strong for a self-generator. I really enjoy playing troops like this from time to time, even if they aren’t always optimal because looking at the board and making decisions slows you down. Powerful removers like Krystenax also fall into this category for me, even if you can get a bit too lucky blindly casting at times for my tastes.

More ways board mod in general. More unique destroy patterns. Stuff that can target enemies but mods the board in a specific way (eg., explode the 2nd row from the bottom). Something to cast in between stuff that explodes/destroys/floods the whole board.

Spells that transform one gem, then create x more, like the Eternal Flame hero weapon. A semi-safe spawner, since you can generally guarantee at least a 3 match on most boards and a 4 match on some.

The second universal transformer troop for each color. Preferably more that are viable as mana generating troops first and foremost (looking at you, Erinyes).

More troops that can move allies with other effects that can actually have an impact on the battle (Skyrmir is pretty okay for a troop that drops the turn, if of limited usefulness in the current meta).

Hero weapons that can competently fill every role and across most colors, even if most of them are weaker than their best troop counterparts. Roles other than “heavy AoE”, “Mountain Crusher” and “Mang”.

More things that capitalize on some of the weaker status effects, such as poison. Especially poison, is has very few spell synergies for how weak it is (and still no skull trait outside of Webspinner).

Also more board mod. Did I mention that one yet?


Caught by sarcasm… :man_facepalming:

I know, I was being sarcastic.

Ah so that stands for sarcasm?

Oh well, there u see how outdated I am on some internet phenomenas as the /s

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On a 2nd note, a rework on Dragonmoth would be nice, so he guaranteed some form of explosion(s). But I rather would like to have a green/yellow that exploded 10+ random gems.

I’m hoping they do a Bardic Inspiration for every color. So far there’s Blessing of Anu and Desert King, I would love to see the remaining three covered, i like a sense of completeness too. They’re pretty high up on my list of favorite traits too. I think they make meh mythics at the very least semi solid. Perhaps red could be a mythic from Pridelands, green from Bright Forest, and purple from Karakoth. Even though Pridelands and Bright Forest are on the list of upcoming mythics, their traits aren’t there yet so i think this would be good option.

I know the devs are mainly focused on new content, but at some point i would really like to see some lackluster kingdoms we have get a little rework, especially Karakoth. Yes we recently got new troops from there, but they’re virtually useless. I think it deserves a little love. IIRC there was talk of kingdom rework on the one stream, i can only hope this will be the one.

Adana is mythic-less as well, it would be nice to see a powerful mech from there.

Mist of scales has some good troops, but i’d love to see a legendary naga, preferably better than Venoxia. While we’re at it, poison could use a buff too to make it more viable. Maybe a new legendary would be a nice segue to that.

Lastly, stryx are in desperate need of some love. Please give us some better color options, there’s too much mana overlap. I get it, yellow the sun, Suncrest, but the best AoE stryx troops can’t be used together due to complete mana blocking and storms that cancel each other out. The best troop in the kingdom by far is the ultra-rare, and our Sunbird is pretty much limited to farming as his life and damage is quickly depleted by heavy hitters in PVP. As much as i love him, i don’t think an ultra-rare should ever be the best troop a kingdom has.

If any of these happen, i would be happy.

I already mentioned every now and then the situation of the Gnolls, how they could be proper assets for Guild Wars colored teams in both attack and defense. I even shared some thought and suggestions years ago (years, no joking) with the devs via PM, but got nothing much in a sense of an answer aside the classic “we have no plans, no ETA…”

Anyway, my old suggestions were:

In the past these changes would be neat, today they are far less relevant because i tried to balance out the spells by exchanging the triple damage for something less OP by past standards and tried my best to make simple changes based on already existing mechanics. But then came Lord and Lady Ironbeard, Minogor…

I’m starting to lose any faith that our feedback in such matters is considered by the devs at all. Two years ago the gnolls and Wild Plains sucked, they still suck, a lot of kingdoms suck to be fair, and in two years we saw what? Maybe three or four kingdoms/races being reworked?

Now we have new content that depends of said kingdoms and races/troop types to be played, this week it’s Khetar with all two/three acceptable troops to use+Hero(Mang)+Godslayer(with it’s Dumb Summons) to face troops handpicked to sabbotage the few and meager tactics we can use…

Before anyone try to point out a possible lack of skill on my part, honestly, i’m doing ok in this Raid…
… considering what i invested and the fact that i failed to kill the boss only twice and missed only two Valravens in th other battles i lost but killed the boss.

This probably seems like a derail, but my point is: We REALLY NEED, more reliable troops/weapons to make the whole experience of such events better, the game will be improved in general too. We DON’T NEED cheesy/artificial challenges to SABBOTAGE our tactics that are already limited due the lack of better troops/weapons from TWO YEARS AGO.

That being said, i also would like to see slimes of different colors with neat effects. And make a Rainbow slime while you are at it, i’m sure @Saltypatra would love it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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