The Treasures Screenshot - Mandela Effect?

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, Steam client
Windows 7

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You can see that the screenshot puzzle pieces, if put closer or merged together, would not fit the intended treasure screen. Puzzle would break, and the Puzzle Quest would have failed because the image does not represent what it’s supposed to.


Not really.

I just took a screenshot from the true Keymaster, @awryan.

This is very annoying, every single time I had to look at this screenshot. :laughing:


I think the black portions are covering parts of the picture, rather than the result of separating them.


Fwiw, I don’t think the Mandela Effect (collective false memory) correctly describes this.


Yeah the “Mandela Effect” is when there’s something like, “The correct spelling of Bearenstain Bears is sort of strange for a lot of people, and many assume it ends in -ein. Since so many remember it wrong, it presents a fun theory that we’ve all shifted to an alternate universe.”

You’re maybe thinking of “mandalas”, art made with colored sand?

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Yeah, the title is not exactly suited for this situation.
Anyway, I just want it fixed, no matter what Effect it is.

But I think what @Magnusimus indicates it is fixed, or at least that you disagree on how it should be fixed.

  • You want it to appear as if there was one picture, it was cut, then the slices were moved apart.
  • It currently appears as if it is one big picture, and the borders are tape that was placed on it.

So like, I get that it might bug you, but it’s not exactly wrong.


Okay, maybe now you’ll understand:

There could be two possible causes that contribute to this issue:

  • my (forced) ATI GPU settings
  • some glitch when you collect daily tributes, or maybe buy something with Keys or Gold, Glory, etc.


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Is that what you actually see in your game? That surely is a bug, but not one present in the rest of our installations.

Indeed. It is.
I think that this happens if you quickly access the Chest section when the game just loaded, but I could be wrong and this has nothing to do with it.

I already excluded GPU settings so far as it happened even when I resetted my profile.

Try it yourself and report back to me. Try to do it a few times, or right after a battle.

There was another thread showing pictures like this – I’ll try to chase it up a bit later.

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The picture has corrected itself after I tried to enter the screen several times in a row.
Still, there must be a bug that causes this issue.

I figured it out!

It only happens when you enter the screen for the first time!
It won’t happen on your second try.