The Tower should be in the vault

Platform: Mobile/PC

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
We expect tower to appear in vault after 2 months, 3 at maximum.
but its more than 3 months with no sign, like it was forgotten

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I didn’t encounter this with our tarot cards, and it’s didn’t begin to happening because the bug it’s the absent of troop.

Steps to make it happen again
I hope you just add it to the pool and announce it, I wasted enough VK and EVK in order to find The Tower.

If you keep ignore the problem, I’ll keep posting about it.
it’s not that hard to do something so trivial.

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Hellcrag Kingdom Pass ended the 22nd of August, so we are just slightly late but The Tower is expected after the weekend and will be mentioned in the blog for the weekly event!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thank you Jeto.
You can’t imagine how relief its when you give more specific date ( next week in this manner) than hanging us around without no date to expect.
I encourage you to establish the vault cedric’s reward drop even more, if it’s in-game list, or in help, or in the forum, or even a specific dates when new tarot troops will add.

just so you could understand, I rely some of my resources on rewards from vault keys (diamonds, keys, gems etc.) so I’ll have enough the craft in specific week, or pull the new myth with more keys, or purchase something with gems. but I prefer to use them mostly when I can pull a new card as well (tarot), therefore the delays are ruining my plans, and if I had a specific date, I could prepare it better rather then give up on some of them. so please understand why we “annoying” on something that we expect so much, and why the improve in the communicating (even thru the game) is important to us.

Why is it late at all? Did it get lost on the way? Did it blow a tire?

Perhaps when troops are released multiple times in the game. First behind a pay wall and then another time for everyone else. You can have set release dates from the start instead of release windows. That up until this point indicated the absolute latest release time.
The troop should of released the week of October 22nd. After that it had 3 weeks to be “late”. Going beyond the latest estimated arrival indicates no one on the staff is actually paying attention to this shit and instead players have to keep complaining until “oh we noticed we’re finally late to this so we’ll release it now.”

… absolutely maddening how little empathy is used towards those who actually enjoy Gems of War. Or… continue to try to despite your companies best efforts.


Also, the same rarity troops should have the same drop rate a Cedrick. Not get 40 Cedricks before 1 Tower. It should be now, if it’s a Cedrick class troop, do the RNG from all of them, not giving Cedrick a 95 pct chance.


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