The term damage in gems of war

I’m trying to understand how Kraken’s third trait does 3 damage to troops which takes away from armor first. Yet, Humility gives magic and armor to allies when “I take damage” and it only applies to health, not armor.

Both use the term “damage” but they operate on complete different levels…

Can anyone explain this conundrum?


A very good point.
Humilty is the odd one out. It should say damage to health, or when life gets damaged.


I seem to recall that the earlier wording “When I am wounded” meant that the trait only activated when the target’s Health was compromised.

For clarity’s sake, I really think the phrasing “When I am damaged” ought to apply to BOTH Armor as well as Health.

Example: You can bang up and damage a subject’s metal armor. But when you deal True Damage, you’d be hurting them and giving them a serious flesh wound.

Makes sense… mostly.

Agree with @DonBoba

Yes, so does Archon Statue, Dark Monolith, Orc, and Tauros. I think the word “wounded” would be better to describe the lose of HP on those troops, just like on Crimson Bat and Wolf Knight.
So “damaged” -> lose of armor
"wounded" -> lose of hp

Even with consistent usage, these terms probably deserve a tooltip someplace, as well. I don’t think I would be able to intuit the difference between “damaged” and “wounded” (though of course I would learn it empirically, eventually).


Yeah an in-game chart explaining effects would be great. Especially for newer players.

Or just a simple optional pop-up.

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Yes, tooltip would be helpful to determine that situation.

My understanding about “damaged” and “wounded” is:
“WOUND”: a damaged area of the body, such as a cut or hole in the skin or flesh made by a weapon like a gunshot wound, a chest/leg wound, a flesh (= not deep) wound.
“DAMAGE”: harm or injury, but it mostly related to objects NOT people. There are some exceptions: e.g. brain damage… (but the brain can still be considered an “object”).

Agreed. It took me forever to figure out what the heck frozen was doing and why I was missing all those turns when my first troop wasn’t frozen. Sometimes I’m a little slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never knew what stun did until around lvl 400. I just thought it was a crappy spell that didn’t do anything lol, now I know better.

I was like okay I see stars but it’s not doing anything, what a waste. Lol


How long ago was that?

I’m just wondering because I swear I saw you around the forums when stun was first introduced and explained. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not smart. I thought this was a judge-free zone.


id go for humility with: “when i loose life”

Yeah… This should be worded correctly. There’s a few syntactic errors in the game, but what can ya do? :sweat: