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The Super Kingdoms and the Secret Kingdoms

The Super Kingdoms would be a stronger version of a regular Kingdom.
A Super Kingdom will have double the number of quests than a regular kingdom.
A Super Kingdom will also yield double the tribute, double the income, etc of a regular kingdom.
The Quest line will give you hints for a Secret Kingdom.
Based on the hints, you name the kingdom as the answer for the last quest.
The Devs will allow the player to choose from a list.
If you guess right, a Secret Kingdom will unlock for you if you also have completed the following:
Completed all 50 Kingdom Quests
The Kingdom Class Quest
Have all 14 Challenge Zones Mastered to 5 stars
Kingdom Power Lvl 5 WHITE Stars
Have all 14 Explore Zones mastered to 5 Stars

The Secret Kingdoms
Dragon City
Flintstone to name just a few.
These Kingdoms will not generate tribute nor income in any way.
However, these kingdoms will have 80 quests to complete.
One site will unlock after every 10 quests.
Each quest will have 5 parts to complete.
As rewards for completing the quests, the player will earn troops, a character class, weapons or other rewards unique to this city only!
You will not find these troops, weapons, etc any where else
The quest line will also unlock the following: A Gemstone mine, a gold mine, a soul mine, a barracks, a general quarters, a dungeon, a weapon smith, and a pet kennel.
Each of these will start at lvl 1 and go up to lvl 10
Each one will lvl after you do 100 quests in it.
Each one will generate rewards for doing quests
Each quest has 5 parts.
Single rewards for a lvl 1 site.
Double rewards for a lvl 2 site
Triple rewards for a lvl 3 site, etc.
This will be IN ADDITION to normal rewards that you get after each battle.
Each site will allow you to enter it only on certain days for 3 times.
Mon Gemstone Mine where you can earn 1 gem at lvl 1 for doing a quest.
Tues Gold Mine where you can earn 1000 gold at lvl 1 for doing a quest.
Wed Soul Mine where you can earn 1000 souls at lvl 1 for doing a quest.
Thur Barracks where you can earn troops unique to this kingdom 1 troop at lvl 1 for doing a quest.
Fri The General Quarters where you can earn a new troop type, the general, for doing a quest. 1 general at lvl 1.
Sat The Secret Dungeons where you can earn a random jewel and a diamond at lvl 1 for doing a quest.
Sun the Pet Kennel and The Weapon Smith
The Pet Kennel will allow you to get pets found no where else. You will earn 1 Pet at lvl 1 for doing a quest.
The Weapon Smith will allow you to get weapons found no where else. Each time you do a quest in the Weapon Smith, you will earn a weapon or an ingot at lvl 1.

New Game Event Once a week you can play this event to earn more chances to visit the sites of your Secret Kingdoms.
Yes, there will be a shop where you can buy things with gems.

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Some ideas feels a little overcomplicated or simply not in touch with some traditional themes/mechanics of the game…

I know that innovation requires you to sometimes ignore/discard old concepts, but if you can apply your ideas to what already exists, like recycling stuff, then maybe it would have a better chance of being implemented.

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Great ideas this will give vets more things to do only thing is is that a lot of stuff is just given for just doing 1 quest that seems to easy to me. Maybe after completing all the quests you would have to do something else to unlock the Gemstone mine etc Also this would help newer and vet players get more resources

What are you talking apart?
First you have to complete Double the number of Quests of a normal kingdom just to unlock the Secret Kingdom IF you know its name. You have to pay attention to clues in the quest line to know the name.

Then each site unlocks after completing 10 quests which has 5 parts each to complete.

Then you can only visit each site once a week. You have 3 chances each week to do each site. Each quest has 5 parts as well.

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One thing to be aware of is that players will leak the secret kingdoms name quite quickly. What would you do to get around this problem?


There will be a total of 100 secret Kingdoms name. Each person will have a random name assigned to him.
So, my Secret Kingdom might be called Camelot whereas your Kingdom might be called Somerset. Another player might be Gemstone, etc.

Each quest in the Super Kingdom will reveal a Letter in your Kingdom’s name after every 3 or 4 quests. You need to write these letters down (or the devs can have the program save these letters for you.)
Then at the end you have to rearrange the letters so they will spell out a word for your Secret Kingdom.
For this game only one Super Kingdom and one Secret Kingdom should be released once a year at most.
Also, after the Secret Kingdom is revealed, then the true name of it will show up.

Name of Super Kingdom: Primal
Each of the 14 5 star Explore Zones will allow you to find a specific traitstone.
New Imp Elemental troops:

ICY Will shoot an arrow to freeze an enemy troop for 1 + MS (Magic Skill) turns.
During this time, the troop can do nothing. Will gain no mana, cannot cast its spell, will do no damage with skull matches.

FIERY Will shoot an arrow to do 1 + MS TRUE damage for 1 + MS turns.

WINDY Will create a Tornado over the top troop for 1 + MS turns. Will do 1 + MS TRUE damage to the top troop and then push it to the bottom spot. The next troop will then be taken into the tornado.

SANDY Will create a sandstone for a troop for 1 + MS turns. The sandstone will do no damage to the troop inside. However, there is a 90 % chance that if this troop does skull damage it will hit itself, And spells cast has a 90% chance to hit itself or an ally. Any trait ability has a 90% chance to hit its own team.

THUNDERBOLT Will throw a thunderbolt to disintegrate a troop.
A trait of this Mythic troop will reduce ALL starting mana of the enemy team by 90%.

AIRY Will shoot an arrow to hit a troop and will reduce all mana this troop will gain from ANY gem matches to 1 for 1 + MS turns.

These NEW Imps are the perfect counter to any troop. Ubastet giving you too many problems, bring ICY along and freeze him. Too many Pesky goblins, counter with a sandstorm or a tornado or ICY. Don’t nerf troops, create counters to them instead,

Think you might have copyright issues using the names bedrock and flintstone lol

Bedrock and flintstone are names of rocks.

We talk all about secret kingdoms and all kinds of other secret stuff…
Right here! https://community.gemsofwar.com/c/lounge

I know, but having them together straight away conjures up images of that famous old cartoon. I’ll let you explain that the Fred when he comes calling lol!

You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this, for which I commend you. Some interesting ideas.

Deals [X + 3] damage, where X is the number of players who do not know the secret kingdom.

I’ve seen it in a game before as a reward from a puzzle that literally had “DO NOT SPOIL” in the clues. It was really funny as we figured it out.

Doesn’t matter! The secret name is not important now. I t can be dropped completely.

To unlock the Secret Kingdom, you must:

  1. Complete all 50 Quests of the Super Kingdom
  2. Complete all 14 Challenges to 5 star lvl
  3. Complete all 14 Explore Zones to 5 star lvl (which in turn allows you to use the zone to get a specific traitstone)
  4. Unlock the Kingdom Class
  5. Raise the Kingdom Power to 5 WHITE Star.
    And, if this is not enough, then raise the Kingdom Class lvl to Champion lvl 100.
    Would that be enough to unlock this secret kingdom?
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Ok just saying it needs more to do to unlock the sites or there’s gonna be a lot of farming going around

You clearly have not read the thread.
After the Secret Kingdom has been unlock, then you start on the quest chain there.
The quest chain consists of 80 quests of 5 parts each.
After every 10 quests, 1 site unlocks.
You can only do each site 3 times a week unless you do the event for more chances (1 per site).

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I did read it thank you very much. Just in my opinion it’s to easy because with the fire bomb quick quest team it would just blow through 100 quests

All Quests in the Secret Kingdom will have 5 parts and will be composed of Imps from this Kingdom or the Dungeon teams or Pet Rescue teams. You can only use Knights to do these quests.

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I like certain knights, but I won’t like them as much if I’m forced to use them in a kingdom. We like the option of using any troop, not just one type of troop. Also, don’t use dungeon/ pet rescue teams as originality is what keeps us enticed, and repetition will eventually bore us.

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The decision is ultimately up to the devs. Other options would be: PvP teams or standard quest teams for this new kingdom that are at lvl 30.
The point is all quests in the Secret Kingdom will be challenging and NOT the typical quest teams you encounter elsewhere.
And Fire Bomb x 4 teams or Fire Bomb x 3 + Firebird teams will lose against these quest teams.

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