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The Story of the Curse of the Dawnbringer

@Saltypatra @GoldPhoenix0
There is a weapon called the Dawnbringer.
Many think it is just a weapon.
A weapon that both attack and defend.
But those that uses it knows better.
They know about the CURSE.
They know that their enemies get benefits from the use of Dawnbringer.
So dare you learn about the history of the Dawnbringer?
A story filled with mysteries.
A story filled with legendary figures.
A story dealing with the Salty One.
And a Gold Phoenix.
A story filled with legendary troops,
And the troops of Tarot.
The Sun
The Moon
And the stars above.
A story from the pages of the Zodiac>
A story from ancient Greece and the gods of Olympus.
Dare you read about the Mysteries of the Dawnbringer?
How it came to be.
And how the Curse came to be.
Come back next week for Part 2.