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The season team

The rarest and hardest team to make and it is fun to face. Thank you for the fun, i hope you get all the traits so i can face you again at full power.

And as their opponent, you run one of the easiest and most common themed builds. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hush you, i use it to easily take down the current meta i am up against, that is my story and i am sticking to it. Also the goblin king is level 5 tbh. I am so happy that i found this team and if i sound mad i am not, i enjoy the humor.

Yet again for all your Tyri love and never ending talk about her, I’ve yet to see her on any of your actual teams. Proving to be extremely disappointing here.

When i get her third trait, you might see her. My defence team and my offence team are the same after all.

Then you changed the defense team from the last time I saw it. 2 shamans and 2 Templars.

Yep, i was using my defence team to abuse tyri. Both make green but can not use it. This let me find a bug or perk related to resource grinding. You get no xp for fighting yourself but you do get maps.

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Oddly the seasons are lined up in reverse order… How silly…

Actually they are completely mixed up Spring, summer, fall, winter. somehow spring is next to winter.

Spring should be next to winter… Traditionally it comes straight after, I believe…

I thought spring should be next to summer and fall but you are right, spring should be after winter or before summer. Autumn should come before winter but after summer. This is confusing.