The search function allows me to notice themes I've been completely overlooking


All of the mana types covered by the first three troops. Stonehammer also does adjacent damage, and jumbles the board for extra fun.

Looking at the traits, Drake Rider has Pyromania, and Goblin Rocket has Aflame. What happens when those two traits activate at the same time?


I believe there was chat in the forums about adding better search functions but have you searched for specific traits yet?


Yes, there is a full list of traits here:


i mean using the in game search function for specific traits


I’m pretty sure that these traits are individual traits specific to the troop.

Meaning “Pyromania” and “Aflame” are specific to the troop dealing skull damage and not applied to the team globally when dealing skull damage.

If you want one of these traits to proc, the troop with the trait needs to be the one dealing the skull damage.

Also, on a side note… I’m pretty sure “Adjacent” dealt damage are unaffected by any multipliers.