The scubadivers have 2 open spots to fill

The scubadivers are recruiting. :diving_mask:
Fun and active guild.
Participation in weekly events required, no obligation to buy in extra sigils.
Guild war fights have to be doen daily.
Minimum level 500 (is negotiable), no gold requirements before kingdoms are at level 10.
Gold: 200K
Seals: 1500
Trophies: 200
Discord recommended.

919 lvl
I’ve just returned after 1.5 years non-playing :slight_smile:
how to join?

invite code - KNEKHT_JSBQ

I will sent you an invite knekht

Is there still a spot?
Im level 964, i’ve recently rediscovered this game

My invite code is KUNO1CH1_FWCP