The Scubadivers are recruiting, 2 openings

The scubadivers:
Guild ranked 455 level 340.
For lower ranked players there is a 10000 gold requirement but we do count on event participation.
Seals? If possible 1500, for lower ranked players 1000.
Any interested parties just reply with your invitecode.
If someone wants more info just leave a message.
Hope to welcome you soon in our merry bunch. :vulcan_salute: :crazy_face:


Is your invitation still valid?

Currently I’m level 293 and rising. Been in this random guild I joined for a while which is inactive for most of its members so now I’m looking for a more active guild after this week’s guild wars.

I can easily get 1500 seals when farming traitstones and can do 50-100 trophies and I’m meanwhile leveling my kingdoms to level 10 (got 12 lvl10 kingdoms now). I can do 10k gold, but if more is wanted it’s optionable but my kingdoms won’t level that fast then.

I always participate in as many events as possible. Guild wars is my favorite and when I have enough seals I try to participate in the raid boss and other events as well.

inv. code: DIFFERENTASPECT_ZKND (I’ll leave my guild after the guild wars, so that’ll be on monday)


The invitation is still valid.
If I understand you correctly you want me to invite you on monday?
Otherwise you can give me a sign if you left your current Guild.
Anyway you will be welcome in our merry bunch :vulcan_salute:

Thanks a lot! Yes if on monday you could invite me, like in the afternoon (we live in same timezone), that would be great. That way I can finish the guild wars event.

Looking forward to it!



I left the guild, so I’m ready to receive an invite.