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The Revenge of the repeat LT

Still working as intended right? 🤦 :joy::grinning::joy:

The SS is from a Switch player.

It’s not a stretch to believe that the same code is used for LT despite the seperate platforms.
If only someone pointed out the cracks before the damn broke.


Given the dwarves, maybe good LTs are just always in short supply?

Either that, or there is little data to confirm anything.

Seriously though, this should at least warrant someone looking into it as the devs have been wrong before like justice league on consoles before all the platforms caught up (pre switch obviously).

Receiving that quite unusual legendary task shown in the screenshot several times really does feel like cheating the rules of probability. Any chance the task generator is using some time based seed that has a granularity of, say, 5 seconds?

This bug occurred due to some server issues we experienced earlier in the week, which is why the task has the same rewards. The bug doesn’t affect the LT drops, it is an issue that caused extra to be sent during some odd server issues that happened for twenty minutes. We are looking into this further.

Are you 100% certain that the servers last week weren’t being finicky before they ultimately crashed?

I have been told they were working completely as intended prior and after the 20 minutes of issues.

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More “server issues”.
Tasks are still working as intended folks. :+1:

We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary on the PS4 and did many LT’s last week here is a screen grab of the last few :thinking:

In the SS the last two “rolls” are the same.
Different Legendary Troop but basically a repeat LT. (It appears that way anyway).

That’s true but we had several troops last week and those two were the only duplicates of that nature (unfortunately I don’t have screen shots of all the LT’s but I’ll pay more attention in future for sure )

Seeing this reminds me of the distant memory of LTS. However, in view of the epic task buffer that must now be negotiated before LTS are accessible, I really think the rewards deserve a significant upgrade for those who earn them. If this is what gold contribution in the region of 50 million gets then it’s really a poor reflection on the effort involved. Poor old cedric must be worn out lol.

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@awryan this issue affected the user last week, and isn’t a new case.

Ahhh he just posted it today. But I see now what you mean. Okay cool. Thanks.

We checked the logs and it was from last week. :slight_smile:

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