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The response I'm hoping to hear from the devs after all the 3.1 feedback

"Dear Gems of War Community,

We heard you loud and clear in regards to all the feedback related to the 3.1 update. While many of you were excited about the new features and game modes, quite a few of you expressed concerns regarding some of the changes that were implemented in this update.

The biggest concerns we heard voiced were:

  • The random chance of receiving diamonds after dungeon battles, as opposed to a fixed reward
  • The length of time needed to acquire diamonds without purchasing gem packs for money
  • The reduction in guild task rewards and legendary guild task rewards
  • The dungeon bosses are too easy

We have listened to your concerns and believe we have struck a balance with some upcoming changes that help address each of these points while still ensuring that the game remains profitable by not allowing too much progression too fast, which would discourage purchases (which, after all, is paying for the team’s salaries to continue to bring weekly content to the game!)

The changes we have implemented are as follows:

  • 10 Diamonds are now guaranteed drops for a victory in each of the three daily dungeon matches. This both satisfies the concerns about the RNG-aspect of the drop, as well as a slight increases the amount of gems you would have gotten, on average, under the old system.
  • Diamonds and other crafting materials have now been added as a potential reward for daily tasks, treasure hunt, and gem and VIP chests.
  • We have reverted guild task rewards back to what they were before the update
  • Legendary task rewards have been changed to grant slightly more now, averaging to about 10% less rewards than what it was before the update (changed from about 16% less rewards)
  • Dungeon battles now allow for you to select a difficulty modifier. While your crafting material rewards remain the same at all difficulties, gold, soul, and experience bonuses will scale with difficulty
  • Dungeon battles are now repeatable after you complete your initial three fights, but you will not get crafting material rewards for any fights after the initial three in a given day
  • Various crafting materials have been added to the daily rewards at specified VIP levels



Obligatory disclaimer: Yes, I made this entire thing up and it’s not official at all. But, I think this would get a very positive response if all of these changes were made. Feel free to copy/paste the entire thing as an official response! :grin:


I like pretty much everything you mention other than this.

This was the one area where they actually did give the addition of diamonds, which is technically telling them to remove diamonds from guild tasks.

We should definitely give it about a week of the new guild tasks before we really determine what it is like with the slightly reduced reward. Depending on how many diamonds they give in this fashion, it may not even be too huge of a task nerf.


Good catch, I certainly didn’t mean to remove much needed diamonds from rewards. I saw that guild task rewards were reduced by 20% so I meant getting that back up to where it was, presumably with the addition of diamonds somewhere.

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Sorry but I dont get it, if you dont get anything why repeat the fights?

you made me happy until the disclaimer :sweat_smile:
very nice deam-post :grin:

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Make dungeon boss rewards scale with selected difficulty. A very steep scale in difficulty for a very shallow scale in rewards - perhaps 1 extra diamond per higher difficulty level, so you get maybe 4-5 extra diamonds for completing dungeons on Warlord IV.

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Already brought it up, it seems an unpopular idea to increase rewards with difficulty.

Does anyone know what the new guild task rewards are? So no more gems from the blue task ? Or am I reading it wrong

@Ninertwo everyone will find out what -20% looks like after the reset on Monday.

You would get Gold, Souls, and XP, just not crafting resources. This is better than nothing. Not sure if there’s a viable way to implement unlimited crafting resources

Treasure Hunt look like a perfect place to add jewels as rewards. Maybe not in normal chest but the vault could give 1 of each jewels and a small % chance to get 1 diamond

I agree, but I wouldn’t consider that “unlimited” although for all intents and purposes nobody is going to get through all their treasure maps.

They also removed some gems and replaced them with gem keys. We get a 20% less “gem value” over all, but with no idea how it is distributed. And their calculations for “gem value” are suspect at best. It really depends on how many diamonds are available and how many gems were taken out, and what else was removed to make room for diamonds (hoping glory keys, expected gems/gem keys/event keys). Verdict is still out until next week.

Novelty. Though this would make a lot more sense if the super bosses were actually “super” and not “PvP minus”, even for my low level account. I was expecting bare minimum life values into the hundreds and a complete nullification of devour and instakills on the team as just a general “rule” for the battle and daily gimmicks you had to overcome, not something you just one or two cycle to death while their “super” effect doesn’t even matter.

Well if they added jewel im pretty sure more people would play them

If this is the only place you could farm them at, this would cause game-ending burnout as it would be literally the only gameplay that matters to further my account’s progress while still being mindnumbingly slow. The numbers put forth here are low enough that I would thankfully still be able to pretend they don’t exist. Adding in things like this in an attempt to to draw people into modes they don’t inherently enjoy would not be a good idea long term, because many will feel obligated to do it, whether or not they actually enjoy it, which will ruin the entire game experience for them.

My suggestion from the start is that instead of having a heavy, basically free time gated thing as the only bottleneck, that you instead have two smaller bottlenecks. This could be something simple, like “essence of (wind/fire/water/air/earth/magic)”, and be a semi-rare drop when exploring that kingdom (random otherwise). You need a variety of the latter in fairly large quantities for any given craft. Instead of having one huge bottleneck that you can do nothing but wait after putting in a required 2-3 minutes per day, you have two smaller ones, one that is still a time gate and caps your upper limit on your crafts, but the other is an effort component depending on your gameplay that you gradually work toward, and all relevant gameplay moves you in some way closer to the goal albeit gradually regardless of when you play, and targeting certain kingdoms would do it more quickly. Add purchase options for that as well.

Basically (without spending gems and outside of guild tasks:
Now: 4k Diamonds for a mythic, or 167 days of dungeons, total ~8 hours gameplay required in daily, 3 minute increments
Proposed: 2k diamonds for a mythic, or 83 days of dungeons, total ~4 hours gameplay required in daily, 3 minute increments AND 80 essences of each relevant color (10% drop rate) for 20-25 hours targeted explore speed teams or at least 3 times that if you only do PvP. essences made craftable with the appropriate colored jewel for another 1 or 2 per week instead of summoning stones, and added to the shop for monetiziation. Those numbers can be tweaked to be a bit higher maybe, the main point is to get everyone except the most hardcore players to care more about the “farming” bottleneck than they do the “waiting” one. This is very important because it gives you a goal that you can actually focus on that you have some influence over, but not enough where you have to break your pattern of play entirely to reach that goal. Other costs, such as vastly increased souls (10x what they are now) or needing arcane traitstones can also added on top of this to make it take a bit longer for these things to dead end.


At this point I’m way more concerned about losing gems from regular guild tasks than LTs. My guild only completed about 5 LTs per week if we are lucky on average, but the regular guild task nerf is horrendous, Really hoping for a dev response today.