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The Queen of Glacial Peeks vs the Army of Zaejin

So I’m making a point to power to tier 1 using only my “Hail 2 the Queen” team consisting of

Blue/Yellow banner

Valkyrie (3)
Queen Mab (3)
Queen Mab (3)
Mercy (3)

Just a few moments ago I came across the pride of Zaejin and its almighty army, here is the story of exactly what happened

#Hail 2 the Queen

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hi man, just curious how did you get so much glory, gold and souls???

From the fight?

Glory is from a revenge/rival/hard battle (4 + 3 + 2). Gold and souls are from a combination of armor and VIP ranks.

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I know, cell must be very high in VIP lvl then, because for that kind of opponent I get around 2500 gold and 90 max soul(VIP 5).

Bah, no Goblin King. Is disappoint. (I mean the King wasn’t even there… just sending his minions.)

What @Lyya said i am VIP 10 with death knight armor, the base total gold for the match was 1,476 my Valkyrie gives 10 souls for cast and I got off a few casts

@Shiratori I’m sorry I fought the king in the very next match and didn’t bother to look at the screenshots from the match lol

I’ll edit the post total

I was just teasing.

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I know @Shiratori, I just legit thought that this was the match with the king tho, I changed to post title to the original title (I changed it from this to vs the king cause I thought the king was in this match and it had a better ring)