The Possessed King : proposed change to order of spell

The next new mythic coming out, the Possessed King, has a spell that seems to negate its own strength.

The spell currently reads :

Dark Possession

Deal [Magic +2] damage to all enemies, boosted by all ally and enemy Daemons, and 3 separate 20% chances to turn a random enemy into a Daemon. [4x]

So, if I’m reading this correctly, this means that he’ll do Magic+2 damage to all enemies, boosted by all ally and enemy daemons, and THEN 3 separate 20% chances to turn a random enemy into a daemon.

Now, doesn’t this mean that if he turns a random enemy into a daemon, he would actually HEAL the enemy? Since transforming normally refills a troops armor and life (ie: Umberwolf to Nosferatu or Bat Swarm, or Villager to Werewolf).This would totally negate any damage the spell just did to any troops that were transformed. Potentially, your cast could be beneficial to the enemy team. That just seems wrong.

I would like to suggest that the spell order change to : Give 3 separate 20% chances to turn a random enemy troop into a daemon, then deal magic+2 damage to all enemies, boosted by all ally and enemy daemons [4x]

Wouldn’t that make more sense?


I agree with you 100% but you should go put this post in feature requests and game feedback

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Both orders have their flaws

If the enemy has 1 hp, and you transform before doing damage, you still heal it instead of killing it off

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The post was 6 months ago. The Possessed King came out 6 months ago. This is happening an awful lot lately and I can’t figure out why. You’d have had to scroll through probably 50+ pages of posts to find this one, how’d you get here?

For the record, it works pretty neat as-is. There’s a different scenario that is bad if you’re trying to kill a troop, which is how you win the game.

Imagine your level 500 opponent has been reduced to 14 HP. You cast The Possessed King with the proposed change. TPK will first transform it to a level 250 Demon. Now it doesn’t matter that you’re doing damage. Instead of killing the troop, you made it a completely new threat.

As-is, that troop dies. That’s the value of TPK over a normal transformer. If you’ve already almost killed a troop, TPK will finish it off. It’s usually better to kill a troop than transform it. In return, it means if you do a tiny bit of damage to a troop there’s a small chance you’ll heal it by transforming it.


On mobile browsers, the forums software suggests other threads you might be interested in. They show up at the end of the current thread, and while they have dates on them it’s easy enough to overlook.

Ooooooh. That’s a sensible explanation. I was imagining like, Google searches.

For all the clever things the forums do, I’m surprised there’s not a quick, “Nobody has commented on this thread in six months, are you sure you want to reopen the discussion? Solve this sudoku puzzle to continue.”

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