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The Phoenicia Dilemma

Very True

I was wondering though, the challenging vault offers 10% less rewards. So I gave it a few spins.

The stats are much lower, most have about 45 life at challenging vs 84 vs hard.

1 shot with any Phoenicia team - even souls teams with Veno can 1 shot.

So, logically you can make up any shortfall in souls by running say;

Phylactery, Venoxia, Leprechaun, Pharos Ra and be faster than a hard vault.

You can run;

insert hero and blue/brown weapon, Phoenicia, Leprechaun, TMQ and 1 shot


(From memory)

120 Souls
600 Souls
3000 Souls

1 Event Key
4 Event keys
18 Event Keys

6 Gems
24 Gems
120 Gems
300 Gems

3,000 gold
4,800 gold
7,200 gold
24,000 gold
36,000 gold
60,000 gold
72,000 gold

1 Gem Key
5 Gem Keys
24 Gem Keys

2 Diamonds
6 Diamonds
60 Diamonds

So I noticed the following;

6 Gems still is 6 Gems, as is 2 of anything or 6 of anything (it seems).
I got 110 Gems instead of 120 Gems
I got 110 Souls instead of 120 Souls
I got 4400 Gold instead of 4800 Gold
I got 2750 Gold instead of 3000 Gold
I got 5500 Gold instead of 6000 Gold
I got 17 Event Keys instead of 18
I got 3 Event Keys instead of 4.
I got 22 Gem Keys instead of 24 Gem Keys, but got 1 and 5 Gem Keys vs 1 and 5 Gem keys.

I got the same Heart of Rage, The Star, The Moon and Baz Boneater.

So, for an end-gamer, unless the orb or tarot/band member drop rate is less, then do we really need to do a 120% vault if we are just worried about speed?

Sure, 500 vault keys, if you got 2 million gold and 1500 gems, you would end up with 1.8 million gold and 1350 gems (as the 6 gems is not reduced, you may end up with say 1400), but you would be earning that gold sooner elsewhere.

I looked through 309 vaults I did for testing when we were testing the drop rates. I changed that to 250 and I got 24 gem keys 10 times, so would lose 20 Gem Keys, or 40 Gem Keys for 500 VK going by that rate (which is obviously not going to be a given every time, but it’s a workable number).

I lost about 15 Event Keys, so 30 Event Keys.

I lost about 36 Diamonds, so 72 Diamonds.

I got 120 gems 4 times and 300 2 times. A loss of 10 x 4 + 30 x 2 - 100 Gems, which could be 200 Gems, so that is something.

According to this thread, there is no difference in relation to obtaining major orbs.

So, over 500 keys, the main loss is about .5 of a gem per vault key used it seems (obviously could be crunched more but all the numbers are in a s/s) vs finishing them much faster. The gold can be recouped, souls can be greater at a similar speed. There is a loss of some event keys, gem keys and diamonds.

I’m only really interested in orbs, so 40 gem or event keys per 500 VK is no loss really. I suppose the gem loss is something however. Could you make that up? No. So that’s probably the trade-off.

Would I do challenging vs hard, if I’m not time conscious, no. If I am time conscious, might do. I might mix them if I had too many keys.