The Pet Problem with Kingdom Power Level: Detailed Analysis

I would normally level up Ghulvania to Power Level 27. After all, the game says I should do it…


And I can level up the Kingdom to 18…

But leveling up the pets is a little more difficult:

Bat Cat is a cosmetic pet from Halloween 2019. Howler is a cosmetic pet from Halloween 2020. (The 2018 Halloween pet is Hoodoo Doll from Sin of Maraj and the 2021 Halloween pet is Boris Karlruff from Khetar.)

Power Level # of Pets Pets @ 10 Pets @ 20
9 1
11 1
13 1
15 2
17 2
19 3
23 3
25 4
27 4
29 5

As the table above indicates, Ghulvania, being eligible for Power Level 27 because of the recent Mythic release today, requires 4 pets to be level 20. Unfortunately, 2 of the 5 Ghulvania pets are Cosmetic. So let’s take a look at a snapshot of the current game, sorted by Kingdom Name, then # of Pets, then by Max Power Level.

Kingdom # Pets # Cosmetic Non-Cosmetic Max Power Level In-Game Max Power Level
Suncrest 7 3 4 27 21
Zaejin 7 3 4 27 26
Maugrim Woods 6 2 4 27 26
Sword’s Edge 5 1 4 27 23
Forest of Thorns 4 0 4 27 22
Karakoth 4 0 4 27 24
Merlantis 4 0 4 27 19
Nexus 4 0 4 27 11
Wild Plains 4 0 4 27 24
Zhul’Kari 4 0 4 27 21
Blackhawk 8 5 3 23 20
Silverglade 7 4 3 23 19
Dragon’s Claw 6 3 3 23 24
Whitehelm 6 3 3 23 23
Adana 5 2 3 23 21
Bright Forest 5 2 3 23 21
Broken Spire 5 2 3 23 21
Darkstone 5 2 3 23 25
Divinion Fields 5 2 3 23 20
Ghulvania 5 2 3 23 27
Khetar 5 2 3 23 20
Urskaya 5 2 3 23 20
Drifting Sands 4 1 3 23 22
Glacial Peaks 4 1 3 23 21
Mist of Scales 4 1 3 23 24
Pridelands 4 1 3 23 22
Stormheim 4 1 3 23 24
Blighted Lands 3 0 3 23 23
Dhrak-Zum 3 0 3 23 15
Grosh-Nak 3 0 3 23 22
Khaziel 3 0 3 23 23
Shentang 7 5 2 17 18
Leonis Empire 5 3 2 17 25
Pan’s Vale 5 3 2 17 22
Sin of Maraj 3 1 2 17 15

The In-Game Max Power Level is the max power level the game will let you have, if you meet all the criteria. The Max Power Level column to the left of it is the level based on non-cosmetic pets. Because VERY few people actually spend the thousands of gems required to max the cosmetic pets on the one day they are available.

Look at how many kingdoms have four non-cosmetic pets. There are 10 of them. And how many of them have enough troops released to meet level 27? None of them. Ghulvania is currently the only Kingdom in-game with a max power level of 27, but it has only 3 non-cosmetic pets. Ridiculous.


This issue was settled ages ago to everyone’s disappointment back during the Salty stream days, was it not? Cosmetic pets are an intended part of very-high level kingdom leveling. All of the intended original pets for kingdoms have been released for ages, outside of Shallow Borer (Khaziel) and Faunette (Pan’s Vale) and most have stopped caring why these two are still not released after multiple years.

That said… there is hope for most of the kingdoms in that the Legends Reborn update will introduce specific troop pets that appear to be meant to augment the individual kingdom quest Epic units. If so, Avina would eventually receive a boosting pet, which would resolve the Ghulvania issue. Such a solution would resolve this issue for most kingdoms.

So, the devs may be somewhat softening their previous stance of cosmetic pets being mandatory. Although, I think the devs will always keep their stance of cosmetic pets allowing a player to reach a given power level first to give people to chase them during their one-day events.

Sucks for the people not playing back then or not long enough to have the gems, I guess? That includes me, BTW.

If we could at least get chances to hunt for those cosmetic pets as you can’t even really level them by buying enough copies with real money because
A) you’re not guaranteed they get offered
B) you can’t buy a significant amount

Hope you’re right about the extra pets because yeah, this is stupid, especially since we’ll get extremely stupid offers because of that.


They should add a day for cosmetic pet hunt in a cycle. Like, on Monday you capture “xyz” cosmetic pet of that “xyz” Kingdom. Could be a start
Same as the already one on wednesday

Am i asking too much ?


I hope not, but I am afraid.

I remember people laughing at me for ‘wasting gems’ on cosmetic pets :grin:

I would love to waste gems on the cosmetic pets!

The problem is I never see them so I couldnt spend gems on them :frowning:

Devs should have a stable cycle with older cosmetic pets like holyporko’s suggestion.


I agree! Still missing a lot of cosmetic pets :upside_down_face:

If people want to boost cosmetic pets, they should add them to the pet gnome pool. More days of a single pet battle means fewer days the guild can boost pets by playin PVP.

They should add cosmetic pet to daily offer system.
They would have gems and player will have pets.


Cosmetic pets and weapons that cost money are quite similar. Both will cause the game to claim you can upgrade the kingdom, nothing is stopping you. But it’s incredibly misleading.


I absolutely could farm explore until I get Hoard Mimic. The game is right, I can complete that. But no matter how many PvP battles I do to get pet gnomes, the game will never give me a Bat Cat or Howler, the two Ghulvania cosmetic pets. It can’t happen.

So although the game says I can upgrade the kingdom, there’s actually nothing I can do to make that happen. I’m strictly at the mercy of the devs releasing another pet for the kingdom, or scheduling a day when they recycle a previous cosmetic pet for Ghulvania.

At least with the weapons, you know that eventually they are going to be up for rotation and available for purchase, and in fact I don’t think there are any kingdoms that are held back because of weapons that have to be purchased.

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Yes. Cosmetic pets are aesthetic dust collectors, stuck on a shelf with all the other useless (but potentially useful) stuff like The Gemini/insert crap mythic or other troop. They should not exist if they cannot be ascended.