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The only elmo and friends of elmo recruiting

Join The Elmo Family!

We have two spots in The Only Elmo. Join a great up coming guild that accomplishes alot with no drama. We are a friendly family bunch that helps each other out.

Discord is a must, main form of communication.

Gold - 550,000 non guild wars weeks, more encouraged on guild wars week.
Seals - 1350
Trophies - 150

Raids - 6000 boss score
Guild Wars - 20,000 Guild Wars score
Invasions - 75 Towers destroyed
Tower of Doom - 10 Dooms destroyed
No gold donations if your kingdoms are not yet level 10.

We have spots open if you want to just check us out and see what we are about.

Discord is a must.
Must be active, if your character sleeps you get booted.
Have fun!

If you are interested in either guild contact me, Optimystical 1.

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Hi. Could you help me, please? Where should I fing or get charakter Draakulis? Thx

Only thru chests, glory or higher. Or craft in soulforge when it is available.

Thx. And where could I found the diamonds to craft them in soulforge?

Dungeon s and guild tasks.

The Only Elmo looking for two daily players.