The Nightfall is recruiting active players

The Niightfall level 109 is rebuilding after a GM change. 1200 seals, 100 trophies, 250,000 gold and some level of participation in events.

How many people are you rebuilding with?

If your guild is small and you’re interested in growing fast, l could absorb 5 or so players into my guild that has similar requirements, and you’d enter into a guild that’s already more than twice Nightfall’s level!

We’re currently rank 198 and bracket 68 in Guild Wars (and will be about 10 brackets higher next go around).

Let me know if this appeals to you—it would be like recruiting 2 dozen new people all at once! :smiley:

Thanks Magnusimus but we have 20 active members and are rank 109. I would rather try to fill our existing guild.


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Good luck to you! :smiley:

We’ll climb to your heights soon enough—l look forward to the competition :wink:

Sorry but couldn’t ignore the fact that it was rude to try to recruit from someone else recruitment post. :mask:

I don’t consider guild merging the same as poaching recruits, but l’ll happily delete my posts if the OP disagrees!

Now that l know Vickie’s guild stats I’ll also be sending any recruits their way that want a guild ranked at the 100 level and not the 200, so.

Well, at least until we rise in the ranks and become more direct competition :wink: