👀 The new scoring system pvp and whetever the rewards of the Top 100 should also be adjusted

:speech_balloon:I am the Leader of Burning Legends my level is 2165.
The new scoring system in pvp,here data collected on most/least points.All Levels whetever high or low and scores/fights overall with images.And whetever the rewards of the Top 100 in pvp,should also be considered,and adjusted should.
Your opnions on this subject and your wishes can be expressed here and lead to a change/improvement of this topic :sunglasses:

Dude, that title is a little long lol.

It’s more than just that. @Starlite will definitely know what I meant.

I love it now
from 31 to 66 is very good :slight_smile:


Nope. Totally confused.

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The magic of editing.
Just forget about it.

I think it’s worth waiting until Wednesday or so to hop on the “this isn’t right” train.

Let’s see if the leaderboard reveals someone getting significantly more points for significantly less effort. I didn’t expect the rewards to be adjusted at all. It’s more like “a long time ago PvP worked, then it broke, this is an attempt to fix it”.

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Very nice yes,much points more fun :grinning:

Now the points have been adjusted, and now has more desire to play. There should be even better rewards as an incentive in the top 100, and then it starts again in PvP :star_struck:

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sure, that would be a good idea better rewards ( chaos orb or more Gold…)