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The New PC UI is a mess

It looks like my PC got the console update. It’s making me mental. The text and buttons are all differnet sizes, it’s shifted hard right it doesnt feel friendly at all. The chat window is so small everything laps over itself and my portrait is so big it looks out of sync with the rest of it. Oh well I normally can handle UI updates and encourage them. I had to say something because this is a bit extreme.


OK there a some very nice new features but the UI is an absolute mess, it does feel like the console versions.

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But at least I can play now with my Xbox controller on my PC! :wink: (Why would anyone do that with the superior mouse available???)


It doesn’t save the fact that I’ve muted all the sounds. Will I have to mute them every time I play?

That’s a known issue and currently being investigated

Everybody loves the console UI on PC now :slight_smile:

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