The new Legendary Hydra

When I see this showing up from chest…

The first thing that popped into my mind was this…

Lucky git :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just (finally) got mine!

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TIL James Franco was in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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Shouldn’t the Hydra be a Beast Type?
Or, according to certain Japanese mythology, it’s a kind of a Dragon.

Hydra, like the Gorgon will have one of the new Troop types coming in 1.0.7. We felt it didn’t make sense to make it a dragon or beast for a couple of weeks until 1.0.7 comes out.


Oooooooooooh, a new troop type! What could it be? Mythic? Nightmarish? Or maybe Big? (Big-Ass might be insulting to those troops who are trying to lose weight…)

Now I’m wondering what other troop types are coming, either now or in further updates. Construct would be cool, and it would apply to several that we already have. Avions could be sweet (firebird legendary anyone?) and also apply to existing troops, although I suppose they might just fall under the Beast category. Hmmmmm…

I opened 2000 keys and 200 magic keys, which is trying to get HYDRA. But no luck!
Got many Legendaries and Epic, but no Hydra. What a waste 2200 keys…

I wonder that Is that because Hydra is on the special offer , so that less chances on the chest?

I got it from 256th key. I guess you just aren’t lucky.

I opened 40 magic keys, and got Jarl(again), Gloomleaf(again), Sheggra, Keeper of Souls, and Hydra.

It’s all down to luck anyway. I’ve opened literally thousands of chests since I started playing and there are still 2 cards I’m missing, even though I got several Hydras and Sunweaver the day they came out. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

For me, just too bad and too unlucky opening the chest.
after 2200 keys no Hydra… Very very disappointing !

It took me about 1000 iron keys to get Hydra. It’ll come, you just have to be patient. It took 1000’s of iron keys to get my first Crimson Bat. Good luck!

Will try Hydra again and again, when I accumulated over 1000 keys. However, It’s pretty hard to find one Legendry troop from the chest…

15 Iron Key → Hydra, but it is just my fourth legandary card, playing since 3 weeks.

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Not bad at all.
In my first three weeks I had one legendary I think.

I had my second one this morning, after 40 magic keys (only 1 Orion) and 1 iron key (Hydra)…