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The new bikini lady

Didn’t want to muck up the new kingdom thread with this but…

The Devoted. WTF, man.

Each of her breasts is pointing in a different direction.

Each of her breasts is approximately the size of her head.

If you look at the curvature of her spine, it’s clear something is very, very wrong–either she was born with some sort of reverse-humpback syndrome or she has a broken back.

Like, all the dude troops have really thick, full-coverage armor and all the ladies are in bikinis. Fine. But if you’re going to put women in bikinis, breasts are subject to the laws of GRAVITY.

Breasts are made of FAT. They plump up when you gain weight, shrink when you lose it. You know what kind of body weight you need to have six-pack abs? Something like 17%, 18%. If you are losing enough body fat to have a toned stomach, you are losing enough body fat to drop down a cup size or two.

Please create art where where you can at least say, yeah, I can understand something about this woman’s character and lifestyle by looking at her. I look at the Devoted and I just see a collection of unrelated parts, like some sort of Frankenstein’s monster that’s been stitched together badly.

I am so sick of these spherical bolt-on balloons. Even a plastic surgeon would look at this woman and say, “Yeah, that was a botched job, let me fix that.”


they are subject to the laws of gravity it seems they are so “big” they bent her back over the years xD

Yeah. Women with large breasts end up with back problems, which you probably know. They mostly manifest in stooped shoulders and bad posture. And lots of back pain.

The weight pulls you forward and down, not up and back.

Seriously. Even skeevy creepers ought to get behind basic anatomical accuracy.

Not when the bikini is made of metal.[quote=“Personette, post:1, topic:10372”]
I look at the Devoted and I just see a collection of unrelated parts

I look at the Manticore and I see the same thing. Why does that not bother you?

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The pictures are made by female art designers. (at least that is what i remember @Sirrian or @Nimhain saying.) i wonder if they look at themselves and go ya, this design needs more plump.

It’s a criticism of the art, not the character design. The Devoted looks like multiple characters were drawn from different angles, then pieces cut out and pasted together. The shoulders, arms, head, abdomen, and breasts are all drawn in slightly different planes. It looks ok at first glance, but the illusion falls apart and becomes increasingly disturbing the closer you look. It’s not the worst piece of art in the game by far, however.

When the bikini is made of metal, the bikini bears the full weight of the breasts–it’s a support or a harness. It should look like it’s supporting and harnessing, not like the breasts are floating away and it’s desperately trying to catch them before they detach entirely.

Because a manticore is actually SUPPOSED to be a monster made of disparate parts. When you look at it, you understand its nature.

That is true, but I would say it doesn’t give us a free pass on this stuff.

For Leonis, we’ve tried to mix it up a bit…
One one hand, we have The Devoted… with some conan-esque fantasy costuming, in a heroic comic book pose
On the other hand, I really dig the Amira art… she’s very practically dressed, and a really strongly posed figure.

We’re trying to keep multiple viewpoints/philosophies in mind as we do this stuff, and we’ll keep trying to improve it.


I actually think there is a decent variety in the female characters, at least compared to many other games. It’s just the particularly bad pieces really stick out. Some of the art is really great, others fail so horribly at anatomy, on both male and female troops.

Part of the problem is that many people assume that if a character doesn’t have prominent female characteristics, then they’re male by default. It can be hard to hit the target between hypersexualized and invisible.

Many of the troops, particularly the less human ones, could easily be female. Lots of them are explicitly described as male, however. I think Sheggra is particularly notable as being called out as female, while having no obvious physically female traits that we would recognize.

Amira is beautiful.

Some of them are really great, bikini and all. Mercy & Mab, despite being scantily dressed, absolutely ooze personality. They’ve got nice bodies that wouldn’t horrify/worry you if you saw them in real life.


sirrian knows what i like! :sunglasses:


What a beautiful anthro…i mean wargare.

I gotta say that you sir, yes you, you got me off-guard this time… It’s great to start the day (at least here) with a good laugh. :laughing:
Thank you!


hahah qft. :baby:

I see no 6-pack at her at all. Also if you look on her position it explains the position of her tits :))
Just gimmie a break, you are supposed to match gems not masturbate to troops art :smiley:

Some characters like Amira are a kind of improvement.
But all in all it is always the same : on the one hand we have fully dressed male characters, like Khopeshi, and half naked female characters, like the Devoted.
The problem for me is not so much to know if the anatomy of these characters is realistic or not. It is still the flagrant difference of treatment between male characters and female characters.

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I agree with your sentiment, but I also respectfully disagree with your summary. Because I was curious, I just did a quick pass through the troop art (including unreleased stuff), taking a look at what I’d call “human-ish characters in nonsensical clothing”. No surprise that the females lead the way but it’s in a ratio 3:2, so not really “always the same” or “flagrant” at all.

Needs to improve though? Certainly it does!

In fact I tip my hat to our very talented Art Director, Rhio Bolton, and our tireless Live Ops Manager @Nimhain, who’ve been working hard to tip that ratio back towards something sensible with lots more characters like Amira & Scarlett over the past 12 months. I feel that praising the good work here is a much more surefire way to see improvement, than to constantly focus on the negatives.

Now, I’m going to close this thread before the trolls arrive!