The Nerf to Single Gem Explode?

Explode has been in the game for over a year and despite some people saying it was overpowered it was never nerfed. I learned to get used to it and finally managed to get a Gorgotha, but now he can’t even fill himself up despite destroying the whole board (kinda frustrating)…There are plenty of things in this game that are overpowered, especially the new cards being released which have godly traits. I can learn to live with full board explosion cards getting nerfed but I don’t understand why the single explosion cards were nerfed as well…

For example, my favorite card is Goblin Rocket and I would use him to fill cards that were close to being full. However, now I can never tell if I’m going to fill my cards…Please change the spell name of single explosion cards and give them full effect again. I don’t think there is anyone who will say single gem explosion cards getting full effect is overpowered.

The gem explode recalculation was implemented about two and a half years ago. No recent changes have occurred to the ratio of gems exploded to converted.

Except on console where it was actually fixed to do what it says. For the longest time, you got full mana off explodes instead of the 70% you were supposed to get.

So basically things are working as they are supposed to now.


This brings back memories of the Krudler thread.

But yes, basically what @Shiratori said: “It should have always been 70% as described, but was incorrect on console. So yes console has been “nerfed” to be what it’s supposed to actually do”

I don’t think it was as much as two and a half years ago, but yeah, the ratio of explode mana generation was lowered to 70% per gem a LONG while ago on PC / Mobile

Calculation details :
Damage generation is given by 1skull exploded
Mana generation for X mana gem exploded of color C is given by round(X
70/100) C mana
Each mana color has it’s own mana generated counter

In practice, this means that exploding 3 gems of color C will give round(370/100)C = 2C
While exploding 2 gems of color C and 1 of K will give round(2
70/100)C + round(1*70/100)K = 2C + K
So, if your unit is using both mana C and K, it’s better to aim for 2C and 1K than 3K.

I hope this helps regarding

This problem of yours.

It does seem to round down with a minimum gain of 1 of an exploded colour, so that would be 1C+1K.

Edit: slight correction; it rounds normal, so it would still be 1C+1K in that case, but for example with 4 exploded gems of one colour it would be 3 managain of that colour.

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Ups, yes, too tired, not getting my math straigth.

The example I meant to give was
2C (=140% => 1 mana)
1C + 1K (=70% + 70% => 2 mana)

But somehow I (wrongfully) remembered using this thing once to fill my mana by exploding 2+1 gems, and with this wrong info in mind, I wanted to illustrate the benefits of knowing how the math is done… But with a non working example :sweat_smile:
Thanks for righting a wrong :slight_smile:

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I don’t know…my gorgotha still fills himself about 75% of the times he explodes the whole board…and when he doesn’t it usually just takes 1 3-match to finish it.

Perhaps there’s just not enough yellow/brown on the board when you cast him?

Yeah, the PS4 is independent from the other versions and this was just changed 2 weeks ago. They updated a bunch of useless cards to make them better and made all lower level explode cards useless.

Also, it’s not that I can’t do the math…When you have a card that has 2 different colors and you know it only gives 70%, I really don’t feel like having to do the math of 1 : 7/10 for 2 different colors. I play this game just to pass time and don’t want to have to do mental math every other turn…

However, if they changed this on every other version 2 years ago I guess nothing will change. Guess I’ll just have to play Guild wars and get off