The Mystery of the Amazing Tribute

Lmao. All I know is there is a lot less resources, never bothered looking into it in any detail as it seemed be released amidst a cloud of uncertainties

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Time for some math and numbers.

First, we need a measurement for tribute, the tribute point. 1 TP = 1 glory = 4 souls = 25 gold. Each kingdom has a base tribute worth 10 TP. For Khaziel its 1025 gold, for Zhul’Kari its 51 glory + 5*4 souls, you get the idea. Base tribute improves to 20 TP at 3 stars, 30 TP at 7 stars. Double the amount for home kingdom.

Second, we need my tribute point capability. I’ve got one 5 star kingdom as home kingdom, that’s one chance at 40 TP. I’ve got three other kingdoms at 7 stars, that’s three chances at 30 TP. The rest is between 3 and 6 stars inclusive, that’s 21 chances at 20 TP.

Third, we need some tribute numbers. I’ve taken note of seven subsequent ones obtained yesterday, pretty close one hour apart. The gold amount already has daily income removed, so this is really pure tribute.

1.) 6 kingdoms, 155 souls, 1295 gold, 84 glory = 174.55 TP
2.) 3 kingdoms, 92 souls, 672 gold, 23 glory = 72.88 TP
3.) 5 kingdoms, 184 souls, 1609 gold, 24 glory = 134.36 TP
4.) 4 kingdoms, 118 souls, 715 gold, 57 glory = 115.1 TP
5.) 6 kingdoms, 277 souls, 1378 gold, 90 glory = 214.37 TP
6.) 9 kingdoms, 378 souls, 2527 gold, 107 glory = 302.58 TP
7.) 5 kingdoms, 197 souls, 1737 gold, 43 glory = 161.73 TP

Now, the highest amount of tribute points I could possibly get with six kingdoms if all stars align is (40 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 20 + 20) * 1.1 (guild statue bonus) = 187 TP. That puts measurement 5 out of bounds, it yielded 214.37 TP. Same applies to measurement 6 with nine kingdoms, the highest possible amount is (40 + 330 + 520) * 1.1 = 253 TP.

Which begs the question, what is going on? I don’t mind the extra presents, it feels a little early for Christmas though.


When you collect a tribute, there is a starting amount of gold (from kingdoms), are you removing this value before you do your TP calculations?

For example, perhaps for the outliers it had been a few hours since you last collected and the pre-gold from kingdoms had increased.

Are you subtracting the gold you got from normal income before the tributes triggered? That would throw off the calculations quite a bit. Also, remember that if you are in a maxed guild, you also have 10% tribute amount bonus from a level 100+ yellow statue. Also, Pridelands has a 11 base TP value, unlike every other kingdom.

Yes, that’s the part where I mention that the daily income has already been removed.

Yes, that’s the 1.1 guild statue bonus multiplier in the formula.

Well spotted. There’s a very ancient bug report for that, so I guess Pridelands will remain the odd one out forever. Doing my calculation, this will in the best case improve one 20 TP tribute to a 22 TP, which still leaves a huge tribute amount unaccounted for.

Yes, the daily income has already been subtracted. Measurements are also all pretty close one hour apart, with the first big daily income one missing, to rule out weird side effects on that account.

If I read you correctly you already have most kingdoms at 7 stars. I’d be interested to see some of your tribute numbers. If those roughly match expectations then the issue might be related to 6 star kingdoms, maybe they somehow provide much more tribute than listed.

but level a kingdom to lvl 6 shouldn’t provide any extra tribute … unless you mean the extra +100 gold or however much that is, which is barely 4.something gold per hour per day. Your numbers are odd, i’ve never checked mine, then again i have most of the kingdoms at 3* stars and i’ve never gotten more than about 420 souls and 110 glory in one shot, and it took me 13 kingdom tributes for that. (with Wild Plains being my home)

I have all Kingdoms with 10+ troops at 7 Star with the exception of Blighted Lands (as I can’t bring myself to fully trait Venerbrak or Herald).

I’ve been “lucky” enough to have a couple of single kingdom tributes in the past few hours and they have been correct (whitehelm is home):

I think I’ve figured it out. When adding up tributes, the 10% guild bonus seems to get applied to each sub total.

Calculations based on my measurements:

2.) 3 kingdoms, 92 souls, 672 gold, 23 glory = 72.88 TP
This was a 20 TP + 20 TP + 20 TP tribute. (((20) * 1.1 + 20) * 1.1 + 20) * 1.1 = 72.82 TP.

3.) 5 kingdoms, 184 souls, 1609 gold, 24 glory = 134.36 TP
This was a 20 TP + 20 TP + 20 TP + 20 TP + 20 TP tribute. (((((20) * 1.1 + 20) *1.1 + 20) *1.1 + 20) * 1.1) + 20 * 1.1 = 134.3122 TP.

Those numbers match amazingly well, slight discrepancies should be due to rounding errors. My other measurements seem to contain bigger TP tribute elements (22 TP, 30 TP or 40 TP). I’m pretty convinced trying out all permutations for measurement 7 (5 kingdoms, 161.73 TP) would find an appropriate match.

If this is correct the 10% statue bonus is insanely powerful. For single kingdom tributes it’s just a base 10%, for additional kingdoms delivering tribute the value grows exponentially.

Quiet, you fool! You’ll alert the devs!

Good catch, though. And I’m almost certain it’s a bug, if implemented that way. I can’t imagine the statue bonus is intended to be exponential like that.

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I kept track of my tributes today after reading this to give another set of data to verify the conclusion here.

Without the base gold part:

  1. 3 kingdoms, 97,52 TP
  2. 5 kingdoms, 122,09 TP
  3. 3 kingdoms, 68,56 TP
  4. 3 kingdoms, 95,58 TP
  5. 4 kingdoms, 96,14 TP
  6. 4 kingdoms, 94, 52 TP
  7. 4 kingdoms, 95.06 TP
  8. 3 kingdoms, 68,41 TP
    I have 11 kingdoms at 3 or 4 gold stars, the rest are below that.
    Pridelands (1 gold star) is my Home Kingdom

Well, so much for conclusions, those numbers don’t fit in at all. You’ve got 1@22 TP, 11@20 TP, 13@10 TP. I’m already stumped by your very first measurement, the result is just too high. What’s your statue bonus? 7% might at least explain most of the other measurements.

Does your interpretation change if all of Kharybdys’ kingdoms are at least one gold star? That’s how I read the post.

Sorry, the statue bonus is indeed 7%, and everything is at least one gold star.

Shouldn’t make a difference, anything below 3 stars is just the basic tribute amount.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that, 3 stars doubles chance, 1 star doubles amount, had that the wrong way around. This makes a whole lot of a difference, it puts the capability at 1@44 TP, 24@20 TP.

Okay, that’s something to work with.

  • [3] and [8] are pretty close to (((20) * 1.07 +20) * 1.07 + 20) * 1.07 = 68.80 TP.
  • [5], [6] and [7] are pretty close to ((((20) *1.07 +20) * 1.07 + 20) * 1.07) + 20) *1.07 = 95.01 TP.
  • [2] is pretty close to (((((20) *1.07 +20) * 1.07 + 20) * 1.07) + 20) *1.07 + 20) * 1.07 = 123.06 TP.

And, with Grundulum pointing out my wrong assumption about your TP capabilities:

  • [1] is pretty close to (((44) * 1.07 + 20) * 1.07 + 20) * 1.07 = 98,20 TP
  • [4] is pretty close to (((20) * 1.07 + 44) * 1.07 + 20) * 1.07 = 96,28 TP

Give or take a bit due to tribute amounts probably getting integer rounded at various points during the calculation.

Thanks for the calculations.
And this both strengthens your conclusion as well as “proves” high stars don’t need to come into play to explain it.

I do think this is a bug, a flat 7% over the end result would’ve made more sense

Lets not get carried away. It should be done cumulatively, no need to change it


Until a dev speaks up and says what is intended, I don’t see any resolution here. I am more than happy to get 100+ glory on many of my hourly tribute collections. :slight_smile:

Same here, that glory is a godsent. Then again, I do feel like the devs have been treating us in a very fair way, and that should swing both ways, even if it might suck.

@Sirrian @Nimhain You probably have access to a lot of Gems of War related statistics, like, say, tributes being handed out. Looking at your numbers, would you agree that the current tribute amount is roughly on par with what was planned for the 2.1 update, not to little, not too much, no change required? And no, there’s really no particular reason at all why I would be asking that question, it just happened to somehow cross my mind. I’m already experiencing Spontanous Massive Memory Failure as I’m typing this.