The Mean Street Posse

This is the result of a two part challenge issued to me for “acting cocky”. I was told;

  1. A 4 Common team can’t beat 4 Legendaries
  2. I can’t compete with players over level 750 while being half that level

EDIT: Skip 1:05-2:40, had to step away. Centaur Scout has been replaced by Skeleton since this match 2 weeks ago.


This is why i play tyri.

You’ve probably been told that before the update, traits change everything…

I still play with My treant Build from the first version upgraded with kingdom levels and traits

Treant (all traits) Legendary
Templar (all traits) Legendary
Valkyrie (All traits) Legendary
Boar Rider (All traits) legendary

No Basic Legendary in this, wins. so what ?


I see a near-perfect synergized team with not a single Common. Although commendable, not an equal accomplishment.

I have 2 epic and a rare and ultra in my team and beat 4 legs all the time but i usually just skip those teams, way too many passive metageneric teams man whats wrong with people… this whole game invites experimentation with cards and all i see are 4 leg teams. lol…

Anyway thats real nice @ your vid, shows that people are fools to think legs are autowin… cmon people be original. It pays.

Only downside of playing this game intelligently is you dont need to full trait 4 cards but about 50 because you keep thinking of new synergy teams xD