The Manipulative Nature of Class Events

Class Events, especially the new ones that last through the whole weekend, are probably one of the worst events, and I’ll tell you why.

Even if you finish all the battles in one stage, like Room 5 out of 5 in each stage, and you get every single Valraven without escaping, you will be mandatorily required to invest Gems to get more Sigils.
So, you get more Sigils, then you have only one room left in the next stage, let’s say Room 4 and 5.
Of course, there’s a Valraven in one of them, and you know it.
However, if you choose Room 4, the Valraven will actually be in Room 5.
So, you will need to buy another Tier, either Tier I, II, III, or sometimes, even Tier IV in order to finish all 8 Stages of Class Event. Monthly Class Event is easier because you get extra Sigils, but you will still be required to spend a minimum of 100, or maybe always 250 Gems in total, so 3 Shop Tiers, maybe even 4 at times, that’s 500 Gems in total.

The problem here is the manipulative nature: “Where is it? - Guess the Room!”
“Valraven RNG or Missed me Gently, always?”

In the end, I think that it doesn’t really matter if you had it right or wrong because the system is made in such a way that you will be required or forced to spend more Tiers in the Shop, another Tier, not 30 Gems, not extra 70 Gems, but another 150 Gems, possibly even more if you want to claim all rewards, and in the end, you don’t know what you’ll get, another crappy minor green orb, or a blue one, etc.
This design is predatory and that is its purpose and especially evident during a weekly Class Event. With the update, we got the means to use more than one Sigil for each room to get a percentage boost to our troops, yet this takes extra Sigils away that we don’t get, but have to pay extra as a penalty.

I am sure that I am not the only one noticing this. It’s been there for a long time, with a chance to spend more Sigils in each battle, it’s more and more apparent that the nerf and Gem sink or so-called “Gem Value” started to show off.

Smooth progress without any failures should be rewarded, not punished!
However, here we are, guess the Room game and play a detective.
It should not matter which room you choose in each stage, as long as you’re being successful.
Shop Tier I or II at most would be more than enough, if you did not let any Valravens escape, to get enough Sigils in order to finish the whole event, this should be the same for the regular and monthly Class Events, unless if we get more reward Stages, Shop Tier III would then be somewhat more understandable, but still. You can’t expect to get anything for free after all, that’s true.

However, this system is rigged too much in favor to sink more Gems.
You buy another Shop Tier because of one missing extra Sigil, then you get another cherry on top, when you may no longer need it if you don’t compete for the Leaderboard at Stage 8.
Yes, another Valraven at Stage 8, Battle 5, but that’s not really a problem. Problem is that you pay 100 or 150 Gems extra just to finish some measly event that gets you a random minor Orb. That’s the biggest issue. It should have been a Major one!

Also, another thing! Monthly Class event overrides the regular Class event on Thursdays, so this should be rectified in such a way that we are getting offered more reward Stages than just regular 8, maybe some extra Diamonds and the Event Key or something.

You should address this to be fairer. Skill should be rewarded, failure punished.
Perhaps adding one extra Sigil in each Shop Tier would be enough.
Either, you add the ability, so that VIP 3 also shows you the hidden Valravens, but I guess that would be P2W, so that’s out of the question.

Just putting my thoughts in here.
You’re welcome to discuss your point of view.

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I agree that class events are one of the worst and most boring events out there. The rewards suck, the troop selection is the only thing that really makes this interesting but often you end up with an under-powered team that makes it difficult to finish the event, the rewards should justify the effort.

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Valravens don’t work that way lol. They appear randomly at a ratio 1:4. They aren’t hidden in specific rooms. Whether you choose room 4 or 5 makes zero difference to your chances.


This. I agree with your sentiment that class events are the worst, but Valraven mechanics aren’t the reason why. It is unfortunate but no matter how Valravens are distributed, sometimes you’re going to hit 0 sigils one room shy of the next Valraven.

(I do think it’s a bit more complex than Fleg states. I’m suspicious there’s a Valraven pity timer. But that’s irrelevant to the discussion and doesn’t change things because it’s still not the same as the Valraven being placed in a particular stage.)


There sort of is. Valraven seem to have an appearance range, for any given number of battles there’s a minimum and maximum number of Valraven you could have received. Speaking Delve, you won’t receive more than one Valraven full clearing the first two levels, and apparently you are also guaranteed to not receive less than one. Getting Valraven early (meaning as soon as the appearance range allows for the next one) can boost your event score just enough to skip one shop tier when going for all rewards.