The main problem in the game: more and more people are leaving, impossible to recruit

It is time to have a discussion of what is the main problem with this game again, and how to keep players from leaving GoW.

I can see my guild is going under soon, as recruiting is impossible and players are leaving frequently.


GoW is almost 10 years old and has always been a very niche game.


meanwhile games can get a resurgence of players if the content improves


Oh boy, do have a love/hate relationship with Blizzard. I admit that the devs have listened to player feedback and are trying to steer the game in a new direction. Loot reborn really does help out with trying to hunt down important items, but I am trying to get away from games with micro transactions. (But you play this game so…):scream:

I think it’s just the daily workload and unnecessary complexity that the devs have added to the game. You feel like you have to log in everyday, and by the time you are done doing requirements, you can feel burned out. Fun? What the hell is that? Anyone know what that means anymore?

I don’t care what anybody thinks. I sometimes use peasants to poke a mythic to death on explore 12.


Before we determine what the main problem with the game is, I believe that lack of communication is a contribution.

Although hearing from the devs more often on key issues wouldn’t necessarily fix the game and the problems in it, being willing to communicate with the player base to keep your job is the logical prerequisite to addressing why people are leaving the game.

However, as with any live service game, it’s stressful to meet the demands of new content from week-to-week. This kind of schedule is why the devs seem creatively bankrupt. New ideas take time to develop so while the devs attempt to work on new things to introduce, they stick to a model that works.

As for how devs can make sure no one loses their jobs, not communicating does more harm than not. Every time there’s a bug, we don’t always know how they’re addressing it or that they’re fixing it. This means we, as a player base, make assumptions that aren’t necessarily true about what’s going on.

And then we move on to why players are leaving. We should feel rewarded for the time we put into the game. I suspect the players that leave don’t feel rewarded and their time being disrespected as a result is why the player base continues to shrink.


Oh yeah, I totally agree.

Strictly speaking about Diablo 4 because I don’t want to open up any other can of worms, having played the KFC beta and open beta, not buying D4 on launch, then playing D4 loot reborn on game pass, the game feels a lot better now then what I played at the beginning.

No longer do the items say to do damage on Tuesdays, you just have to know a lot of the damage types stacks in some odd way to become a rube goldberg machine on Tuesdays to do billions and trillions of damage.

It feels good though to play for the most part, like 90% good. There’s just a really odd 10% end-result problem some people notice and others are too busy to probably notice it.

“End-game” currently features progressing up the Pit or farming Ubers to Uber Uniques. The problem is that Loot Reborn is overly effective and Uniques didn’t get the benefits of that overhaul. Legendary items are just better since Uniques can’t get tempers and are largely missing some very important stats to keep up with the breakpoints needed to do things like the Pit (like Armor to reach the cap or main stat for damage). Legendary Aspects are also very effective and build-making so there’s even room to struggle to put in underpowered Unique gear.

I actually found a Harlequin Crest from a Helltide Blood Maiden as a Necromancer a few days ago. I should be hella excited. I was excited. but… a generic Legendary item might actually be more important/better for my build since regular Aspects are just that strong. However, I found it so I want to try to use it and make it work. That’s basically the state of items currently.

The Pit… I haven’t messed with it since the patch today, but before today… those Lilith mechanics during the boss fights are hella annoying. 1 shot for days playing a shoot em up in an RPG. The Pit isnt a good enough end-game activity.

As long as the developers of D4 keep working on the game, I think they’ll get it right eventually. They’re going in the right direction. Diablo 3 eventually got it right. Can’t say I’m a fan of games that just release something first and then has to spend a year to fix it, but what can you do besides not consider it a good game right away.

The pets they added to this patch today are a nice quality of life addition, even if I don’t care about game pets (automated gold and material pick-up? yes please).

As for microtransactions, … yeah.

I’ve ignored Diablo 4’s cosmetic store and paid battle passes, I don’t care. They do have my attention for that Expansion they announced today for early October though.


Nowadays, it’s hard to balance excitement and detriment for progression. If you grow too powerful too fast, the game becomes boring and you lose interest.

I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but there was a time when D3 had an auction house, and it was the only way to get the most powerful items. (I still have my legacy 2 slot manticore crossbow that was selling for a ridiculous 2 billion gold)

The game eventually moved away from that into the legendary light fiesta that it is now. The game is over 10 years old now, so it feels fine that it isn’t even a struggle to fully gear up and make your character powerful.

The main problem with gems of war is that they add troops like sentinels and cosmic dragons to give us something to chase, but don’t really help us get there. There are more ways to get dragonite, but it’s complicated because you have to waste gems or gold marks. And let’s not even go into under spire sentinels. Terrible, and a devious way to reduce our gems. And those new guardian troop bosses we fight in citadel fights? You can bet we won’t get those easily, and it’s just bait for us to keep playing.

And yes, the new pvp system did make some progress towards being able to upgrade our kingdoms. But again, it’s complicated. Some people can’t play everyday, and if you miss out on citadel fights, you get frustrated, so many people will just ignore it. It also doesn’t help that the game doesn’t offer enough information to help people out, so they have to look for outside sources to make sure that they are doing everything correctly.

It’s just…overwhelming at times. And frankly, some people just don’t want to learn or do all of these extra things and just relax and play the game they used to like. For me, getting ready for guild wars kept me going because I liked planning for new defenses or taking another approach to difficult match-ups. I get that some people don’t like guild wars, but there’s hardly any rock-paper-scissor battles going on, as luck seems to be more of a contributing factor.

It looks like we will have to go another month or so before the next update arrives, but worrying and waiting all the time has made me question of what I still actually enjoy doing in this game…


It would probably be easier if they hadn’t locked shiny keys behind high tier rewards in guild events, since retention of newer players often depends on higher levels sticking around in guilds that recruit newer players to help out, and there’s little incentive for that now. Nerfing journey troops also will not have been conducive to keeping newer players around. Seeing endless Stellarix teams or teams featuring mythics that seem unattainable if going to be a lot more demotivating than journey troops they had a reasonable chance of getting. I’m not new anymore, but it took me almost 18 months to get Diamantina and I’m not getting Stellarix any time soon.

Anyway, so long story short: too complicated, too much to do, goals that seem unattainable all combine to make people give up quickly is my guess. Plus established players leaving due to disliking recent updates.


One of my biggest issues all these years is the severe lack of in-game information. I know i am an old hat, but why do i need to google how to play a game all the time. A lot of times I dont even know there is a bug or issue unless I happen to come to the forums to see a post about it. I still dont fully understand how the Alliance mode works. I have no idea what days there will be fights or not.


I think the number one problem with the game is that there is too much to do, and yet most of it feels pretty much the same. I mean, except for treasure hunt (does anyone still spend time on that?), you are matching gems and fighting battles. There are various rule changes in the modes but really it’s all the same game.

That’s not terrible, that it’s all the same game. What is bad is there is so much of it. We need X, Y, Z resources to progress so we have to do all of these very similar modes to get the resources.

I have a lot of free time to spend on games and I still feel GoW takes up way too much of my time. I could just ignore some of the modes/resources. But then what is the point? If you do the math, it takes years to get anywhere even if you do everything. If you skip daily things, you might as well just skip the game.


je te confirme c’est la misère pour recruter , en même temps les développeurs font n’importe quoi , la guerre des guildes en moins c’est la catastrophe , et le nouveau jcj ou pvp n’a aucun interet
je suis sur xbox si jamais ta guilde va mal tu peux me contacter

There are a number of reasons why players are quitting the game:

  1. Making several additions or modifications rather than addressing game bugs or a legitimate problem that disturbed or irritated the player base.
    Example: Developers promised to look into a means to implement player requests for duplicate protection on Boss Dragons, but ultimately created another set of Cosmic Dragons instead. The issue is unresolved and ignored.

  2. Including a frustrating game mode rather than one that is enjoyable.
    As an illustration, add the treasure sentinels troops, who have a very low percentage to obtain. Why? Make it rewarding if you want the player to pursue anything.

  3. Poor communication between the developers and the players.
    For instance, when a player requests that a bug or other issue be rectified, nothing is done to address it.
    The developers can use the improvement list created for them, but it keeps becoming more every day.

  4. Equitable use of Weapons and Troops—not nerfing them to death like Journey Troops. Additionally, give every troop and weapon you add a purpose rather than just adding pointless or unusable content.

  5. The game isn’t exciting or fun enough for many right now. Disappointment results from players feeling frustrated and unrewarded for their efforts.

I still love the game but I hope they can do the right thing before it is too late.


Agregale tambien a la sensura cuando les decis que no estan a la altura y te dan un BAN de 20 dias … claramente este foro ya no sirve … nos ven la cara

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Maybe it’s just me, but I kin da dislike how they keep focusing on PVP. I play PVP rarely, as just another mode of playing, but they seem to be hellbent on it.

I was reading about the mythic troop Plague, and how it could be made more useful, but of course, nothing happened. Now, I just got it and love it (lol) but if it could be improved, why not? Maybe create a poll every month, to select the 3 mythics or even legendaries that could use some work. Players would nominate them and say how they could be improved, and devs can decide if they go for it. Surely they would go for it from time to time, right?


Unfortunately, the devs won’t ever learn of anything posted on this forum. In theory, there’s a Community Manager who visits the forum on a daily base and forwards anything considered relevant to the devs. However, this hasn’t been happening for ages now, all this forum receives regularly is automated news postings. We still don’t know how features introduced in the last updates are supposed to work, there’s nobody willing to communicate with the community.


Infinity Plus 2 is not big enough to support 2 live service games at the same time. Puzzle Quest 3 is causing the slow death of Gems of War.
Players back then predicted this would happen and here we are.
My only hope is that they pull the plug on Puzzle Quest 3 and go back to using all resources available to support Gems of War again.


Rather looks the other way around. The PQ3 forum actually seems to get visited by the officials. As far as I can tell, Jeto is playing the game, actively engaging with the community, talking about issues, forwarding feedback and reporting back what happened as a result. Several times each day. Apparently the best we can hope for is getting asked for our invite code after reporting the server stolen a week ago. :unamused:


Puzzle Quest 3 is a much, much newer game than is Gems of War. Unless PQ3 were an utter and complete disaster on the scale of the Hindenberg – or whatever other spectacular incident you care to invoke – “logic” says that they’d kill off the near-ten-year-old game to provide resources to the much newer thing.

I know people in these spaces don’t want to hear it, but it might be time to consider the possibility that Gems of War has simply run through an entire life-cycle and it’s time to let it shuffle off this mortal coil. It’s been a long life, and mostly a good life, but 99.999% of games can remain relevant for only so long.

Let’s see,

  1. boring weekly grind wash rinse repeat, boring repetitive events

  2. no gw, love it or hate it, thousands no longer play because of this alone,

  3. idiotic over powered wand, sorry when 1 weapon can take out any team by itself, it’s broken over powered and has ruined the game.

  4. underspire is a complete insult to any late game player, how about take all my gems and stop wasting my time

5)new pvp its a joke, really? Alliances? Great job, complete waste of time

I could go on but at the end of the day it’s flat out boring with zero skill needed

They have mailed it in for years.


I don’t play anymore, but I do look here everyday for signs of improvement. I also look at the Steam Chart numbers and observed them being significantly higher for GoW than for PQ3.

I have no idea if this is reflected on other platforms, but I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that there were more players of GoW than PQ3 across all platforms and had hoped to see GoW being treated as the thing that needed maintaining until PQ3 caught up.

I was intrigued when I read somewhere on this forum that the number of players in an alliance was visible. If so, can players of various platforms report how many there are in total, and thus what fraction of the whole is represented on Steam Charts?