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The Kindred - searching friendly players

Hey folks :slight_smile:
THE KINDRED is searching for players to have a chilled time to play gems.
We offer flowers , peace a ! beautiful music channel ! and lots of fun oh and help of cause .:musical_note:!

Regular tasks are done every week so lots of keys and stat bonuses.
What we want is to achive a healthy guild were we help one another , playing togehter in guild events and enjoy the evening togheter while smash buttons :slight_smile:
your doing in this : 1,5k seals [ yes not 2k only 1,5k ] per week and 100k gold and free participation in guild events , aslong you dont have all kingdoms open and all kingdoms on lvl 10 no gold required.

We do comunicate in both Guild chat and Discord but mainly at Discord cause of organized help in special channels.

:slight_smile: if you read till and we happen to catch your interest pls contact me at Discord with Floriansonntag#9355 or if you happen to want to talk about things and reach for a chilled place to relax and come by and say hi :slight_smile:

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